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1.Did Rihanna steal somebody else’s ‘Money?’

Uh oh. We all know Rihanna likes gettin’ that dough, but will she like it when she has to give it up for her new single, ‘Bitch Better Have My Money?” (Sigh.) Now that ‘Bitch’ has officially robbed radio, word is getting out that RiRi’s brazen new banger bares striking resemblence to the track, ‘Betta Have My Money’ by female rap diva, Just Brittany. While both  tracks melodies contain a different flow, the hooks do bare a bit of similarity. You guys can check it out for yourself below with both gals songs…

2.Justin Bieber dishes on new album…..and Selena….

We all know by now that everybody’s current favorite roast subject, Justin Bieber, has been gettin’ his comeback studio time on, but just what can we expect from his batch of new tracks? How about some inspirational music through the power of….Selena Gomez? Yesterday on Ryan Seacrest’s ‘On Air,’ radio show, the Biebs went on record to say, “I think a lot of my inspiration comes from Selena. It was a long relationship, a real relationship that created heartbreak and created happiness and a lot of different emotions that I wanted to write about. There’s a lot on that album.” While no release date has been set for the new record, Mr. Biebs also went on to say that he wanted to “create the best piece of art” that he could and that he wanted people to know that he’s not “playing around.” You have to hand it to the kid (?), thanks to the buzz-y Comedy Central roast and his Diplo/Skrillex collabo, ‘Where Are U Now’ gaining chart steam, it looks as if Justin is well on his way to a….comeback. 


3.Kelly Clarkson still goes on date nights….and refuses to raise a brat….

In a cheeky new segment with People mag, Ms. Kelly Clarkson dished on date nights and how she just loves being a mom, but won’t get stuck in the house with the kids. But, when it comes to daughter River, Ms. Clarkson just wants her to take in the whole world at once, telling the mag, “I’m like, ‘How can she learn faster? You just want to help them out their best foot forward and give them as many opportunities you can-and make sure you don’t raise a brat. That is our goal.” When it comes to date nights, the ‘Since You’ve Been Gone” owner said, “As a couple, we think date nights are important. We are both from broken homes and as a result, you mat not take time for yourselves as a couple.So we love our date nights.” Meanwhile, Kelly is also gearing up for her ‘Piece by Piece’ tour, which will kick off in and land here at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden on Sept 20th. 

4.Michelle Obama works it out on ‘Fallon’…..again…

It is widely known and respected that First Lady Michelle Obama is one classy lady, but when it comes to her dance moves? She takes it to that next level of class. Last night on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, ‘ Ms. Obama once again showed off her signature moves, appearing in part 2 of ‘The Evolution of Mom Dancing.’ The sequel is just as hilarious as its perky predecessor, and seeing Jimmy in a soccer-mom get up will always makes your day. 

5.THIS Paris Hilton article……

In an exclusive (?) interview with Billboard magazine, everyone’s favorite ‘Forgot About Friday’ hotel heiress, Paris Hilton, announces her…..Las Vegas DJ residency. The “DJ” also chats about people’s misconceptions of her music career, how the other DJs treat her on the turntable playground and so…much….more. If you want a good laugh for your Friday, go here. Although this Oakenfold remix of her “hit” “Turn it Up” will always do the trick…at least there’s that.


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