Weekend Kickstarter Groove/S.O.S. Band/’Just Be Good to Me’/Extended Album Mix

We’ve made it through another week together, so Philly Mixtape decided to treat you guys to a weekend kickstarter groove….from here on out! Now, just what IS a weekend kickstarter groove? Actually, words can’t truly describe it other than a track that just has….that…flow and will take the ‘Melanie Working Girl’ weight off your shoulders as you coast into a whimsical weekend groove…just like “Just Be Good to Me,” the sexually synthed up music goodie by the iconic S.O.S. Band is about to do….

This delightful 1983 romp was written and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (Ms. Janet) and peaked at #2 on the Billboard R&B charts. While we could’ve easily served up S.O.S. Band’s trademark single, “Take Your Time,” to catch that flow, “Just Be Good to Me” just delivers it musically, especially in the extended album mix that is heated up for you guys. Whether it’s the vocally on point intro delivered to perfection by lead songstress, Chandra Currelley, those slinky synths or that rousing rhythm, “Just Be Good to Me” is a nine minute serving of music truth, just in time for your holiday weekend! Enjoy!! 

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