Kickstarter Groove of the Day/Culture Beat/’Mr. Vain’

One of the things that I love about Philly Mixtape is that we further we get into it, the further the deeper dive into the coveted Mixtape Music Vault. Over the past few weeks, PM has been working hard for you guys to truly serve up the music that not only hits your coveted music ‘G” spot, but will just get you moving in life, including kickstarter grooves that will get you inspired to face the day, no matter what lies ahead. In fact, the grooves are one of the top read spots on the site, which can only mean one thing-you guys are all about THAT music…and thats just how it’s supposed to be-no drama, no shade….nothing but straight up music love and good vibes all day….

This week, Philly Mixtape will be serving up all kind of lovin’ in the music bedroom, including soothing grooves provided by the delightful, Ms. Lisa Shaw, essential singles from ’80s gal group, Expose, the rewerks of legendary DJ David Morales, and a week long groove session featuring all kinds of 90s dance hits, like”Mr. Vain” by Culture Beat. I know that we are a little tired after another holiday weekend, but this classic Culture Beat clunker from ’93 will absolutely give you everything you need on this fine April Monday morning. You guys have spoken and as far as that extra music jolt in the morning is concerned, well, Philly Mixtape is going to get you more excited than Jessie Spano. Besides, music is so much better for you in the morning than Red Bull! It’s time to get lost in “Mr. Vain” on a Monday…go. 


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