Kickstarter Groove of the Day/Real McCoy/”Run Away”

As promised, all week long, Philly Mixtape is delivering you guys THOSE ’90s dance kickstarter grooves. You know the ones-they were the stuff that all of your ’90s gym class/prom dreams were made of! Today’s groove is a real doozy, as we’re ready to serve up the fantastic, “Run Away,” by german dance group, Real McCoy. Those who may not know about this dazzling dance trio, Real McCoy came forth in ’94 with their debut single, “Another Night”(another yas.), and while “Night” was a huge hit for the groovy group, “Run Away,” is just that fire. With its pulsating beat, bell chimes and breakdown sample of the classic Debbie Deb track, “When I Hear Music,” it simply has all of the ingredients to get you kickstarted on this¬†fine Tuesday morning. If you haven’t gotten lost in this dance thunder lately, Philly Mixtape suggests you “Run Away” with Real McCoy…you will love every second of it.¬†

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