Kickstarter Groove of the Day/Captain Hollywood Project/”More and More”

Hard to believe that the weather these past few days was absolutely perfect, and now we’re stuck with another round of cloudy “ugh” days. That’s why whenever I need some sunshine on a dreary hump day morning, I crack open the music vault and pull out those tracks that will take me away to a brighter place, like the classic tune, “More and More” by Captain Hollywood Project. Not only does this groovin’ ’90s dance ditty flow with a deliciously synth-ed up beat, but it contains a kind of chilled out, zen vibe that will give you that special ’90s fly girl tingle all over… 

It’s been a great week of Philly Mixtape kickstarter grooves so far, as we’ve been getting lost in all things ’90s dance jamz. Who knows….maybe we’ll have to keep the morning beats locked in a theme from here on out!? Guess you guys have to stay tuned to find out! Meanwhile, Mixtape will take more of, um, “More and More,” and listen until the sun comes back out for another romp…or for all music eternity, whatever works. Happy hump day, kids! Go. 

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