Mixtape Music News/Divas Edition

1.Madonna unleashes ‘Ghosttown’ clip….

Yesterday, Madonna dropped the video for her second ‘Rebel Heart’ single ‘Ghosttown,” and in the haunting clip, we see Madge surviving a nuclear holocaust (looking fabulous in that green velvet cape)…..with ‘Empire’ star, Terrence Howard. While it may seem like an unusual pairing, the two music moguls make it work beautifully, although at first it’s a bit of tough love as Madege gets ready to beat Mr. Howard with a golf club, while he pulls a rifle on her. After a few crazy moments, things calm down and the duo walks off together…ready to procreate. Check it out below. 

2.Prepare yourselves….Janet Jackson is dropping something on April 28th….

Omg…omg….omg….omg..Okay, so Philly Mixtape doesn’t know too much about this as of yet, but it may…just…look like the one-and-only Janet Jackson is about to drop new music on April 28th. ET Inside dropped this tweet….


April 28th will be a great day in music! If you don’t believe , ask @JanetJackson!

….then came this pic….omg….omg…omg…omg.


3.Kylie Minogue gets transformed into Marlene Dietrich….

Stunning, gorgeous, perfection….those are the words that are quickly coming to mind while seeing Aussie pop diva, Kylie Minogue, transformed into Hollywood icon, Marlene Dietrich, for the cover of Sorbet magazine. Ms. Kylie is almost unrecognizable as she channels Ms. Dietrich, looking fierce as all hell. You guys can check out the photos of both divas below…stunning.



4.Britney spears drops THIS “Pretty Girls” rehearsal pic….

In more “omg” diva news, Ms. Britney Spears shared a pic of her with backup dancers as they rehearse for “Pretty Girls,” her anticipated duet with Ms. I-G-G-Y. “Aren’t these girls pretty?” Ms. Spears captioned the photo. While we have no word yet on just what “Girls” will sound like, it’s set to attack radio on May 5th. Sigh…it’s gonna be a long next few weeks.


5.Florence + The Machine drop new single…..

As the anticipation build for Florence + the Machine’s new set,  ‘How Big How Blue How Beautiful’ to hit headphones on June 2nd, fans are now being treated to a new single, “Ship to Wreck.”  Of the whirling tune, Ms. Florence Welch herself says, “I was thinking about my own self destructive side, and how you can make something only to tear it down, enjoy/destroy, create/devastate etc,” she said in the official press release. “When you’re in that whirlwind, you often end up breaking the thing you love the most.” A little music truth on a Thursday never hurt nobody…

6.Philly Mixtape thinks you should musically light it up to Hilary Duff’s new single, ‘Sparks’ more time…

On Monday, the actress-formerly- known -as Lizzie McGuire, Hilary Duff, dropped a bouncing new tune called, “Sparks.” The Tove-Lo penned number chugs along with a cotton candy coated beat and irresistable whistle sample, and while yas, it’s a big ol piece of pop music cheese, now that the weather is heading towards fabulous, it’s gummy grooves like Ms. Hilary’s new one that are guaranteed to put that extra pep in your spring step. The disco ball kissed track also made the ‘Must Listen Monday’ cut this week….and that’s saying…something…

7.Con-drag-ulations, boo!!!




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