Kickstarter Groove of the Day/Jocelyn Enriquez/’A Little Bit of Ecstasy’

A few days ago, I told you guys that’s it’s been such a blast serving up the ’90s dance wrapped kickstarter grooves all week, that we may just have to keep them locked in a genre from here on out. Well, that’s just what we’re going to do! It’s not only been a real treat to dish out these delectable hits, but it’s also been a tasty treat for me to get reacquainted with all these goodies because, in a word…I live for them all, especially today’s groove, the throbbing, “A Little Bit of Ecstasy,” by Ms. Jocelyn Enriquez.

For those that may not be too familiar with this dazzling dance floor diva, Ms. Enriquez was all over the late ’90s dance scene, most notably for her hits, “Do You Miss Me” and “If You Could Read My Mind,’ her shimmering collaboration with fellow disco ball songbirds, Ultra Nate and Amber. Yas, any of those memorable club monster hits will do, but “A Little Bit of Ecstasy” will just make you feel that special weekend tingle all over…and make you dance, too! Really, at the end of another long week, that’s what it’s all about. A little bit later, Mixtape will be serving up your weekend kickstarter flow, and let me tell you, it’s certainly a ’90s dance cherry on top of a fabulous week! So, now, go on, have some “Ecstasy” as part of your Friday morning routine…once it kicks in…your day will be made. Go.

To get down with Ms. Jocelyn, go here.

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