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1. Madonna takes over ‘The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon’….

Last night, the diva herself stopped by ‘Fallon,’ and delivered not one, but two dazzling performances. First, she did a ridiculously fun rendition of “Holiday” alongside the Roots and Fallon using only classroom instruments…a bit later on, she performed her ‘Rebel Heart’ album cut, “Bitch, I’m Madonna,” with more pelvic thrusts than the King himself. Either way, bitch, she’s Madonna…she can do what she wants…

2. Drake has his own…search engine??

This’ll be sure to take you away from your job…as it’s highly rewarding. Drizzy’s search engine not only gives you suggestions to migrate(some are ‘weed’ / ‘raptors’) ,but it also gives you endless entertainment with the ‘I’m Feeling Drizzy’ option…it’s raining money bitch! To check it out, go right here.

3.Are you ready for record store day??

Record store day is coming up (April 18th) and the list is plentiful to say the least. Bob Dylan releases his Basement Tapes on vinyl, Foo Fighters hands out some demos, Vampire Weekend releases a single with remixes, Big Data does the same, some old school pop divas re-release disco hits…check the full list of vinyl to be released as well as participating stores in your area right here

4.Philly Mixtape remembers Courtney Love’s Kurt Cobain candlelight vigil…

On this day 21 years ago, a candlelight vigil was held for Kurt Cobain (who died 5 days prior), as his widow, Courtney Love, read some letters as well as personal notes while in tears as mourners sat in silence. This was a huge blow in the music community at the time, as the band was on top and about to head back into the studio to record another album. This ultimately would haunt the rest of the members in their other careers, but would also spark Dave Grohl to continue music with a new venture, his band, Foo Fighters. 

A movie documenting Cobain’s life called ‘Montage of Heck’ is about to be released with much anticipation. You can get lost in the trailer here…

5.Ready for Coachella 2015??

In less than 8 hours, you’ll be able to stream this year’s Coachella festival straight from home via YouTube. To see who’s playing the famed festival, check THIS out. To live stream the show this weekend, go right here

6.Ariana Grande slays Whitney’s ‘I Have Nothing’ at concert….

During the L.A. stop of her ‘Honeymoon Tour,’ Ms. Ariana Grande took on Whitney’s ‘The Bodyguard’ hit, “I Have Nothing’ to vase shattering results. What’s better is that she brought out legendary songwriter, David Foster, who wrote the track for Whitney(by the way, the crowd clearly didn’t know AT ALL…sigh), to play the piano for her. Ms. Thing certainly lived up to the original, not making the mistake of trying to outwork or outshine Houston (I mean, who can??), as that would have been a not-so-smooth move. Check it out below…

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