5 Reasons Why You Should Be Turning Up the Volume on Gorgon City at All Times

You guys may have noticed that over the past few weeks, the site has had a couple of nip/tucks because we truly want to serve up nothing but the best music and material for you guys. Since the launch on Facebook eight months ago, there have been quite a number of columns featured, but sadly, only three of those (‘Must Listen Monday,’ ‘Rewerk Wednesday’ and ‘Forgot About Friday’) original columns have made it to the final, final, final round. That either means I’m just a big music bitch, or we just want to get down to what you like.  Last November, we launched our ‘5 Reasons Why’ segment (to 5 reasons why we didn’t watch the Wendy Williams/Lifetime produced Aaliyah biopic…you guys remember that one?) and guess what, you guys really, really like it! So, to celebrate all of the music truth that we’ve been candidly serving up these past few months, we are going to be giving you guys ‘5 reasons why’ realness all…week…long. Think you can handle the music truth? We bet you can, especially when we kick it off in the best way possible, by dishing out the delectable ditties put together by UK dance duo, Gorgon City. 

Just to school you guys on the British beat providers real quick, Gorgon City is a deep house duo who formed when two North London-based producers — Foamo, aka Kye Gibbon, and Rack N Ruin, aka Matt Robson-Scott — linked up to werk together in 2012. After a year of recording, their big break came in February ’13 with the release of their arousing ‘Real’ EP. The throbbing title track became a moderate hit in the U.K. and that summer, they served up their blazing single, “Intentions,” and after a small and very successful world tour, Gorgon City put themselves on the music map. 

This past weekend, the dynamic duo performed at this year’s Coachella festival, and they brought absolutely nothing but pure music fire. While Gorgon City isn’t known too well stateside (yet), Philly Mixtape has been turning up the volume on their music for quite a while now, and you music kids most certainly should as well…and you guessed it….we’ve got 5 reasons why. Go. 


1.Their debut set, ‘Sirens,’ will give you life….

Last year, one of Philly Mixtape’s favorite albums of the year was ‘Sirens,’ the incredible full-length studio set from the UK beat boys. From its shimmering start to its glorious finish, ‘Sirens’ has all the makings of not only a great dance record, but one that will simply give you life. The best part is that each track contains a hot guest vocalist spot, so you never know what you’re going to get…and the risk certainly pays off. Whether on opener, “Coming Home” with Maverick Sabre, the vibed out, “Here For You,” featuring Laura Welsh, or “Go All Night,” which features an-out-of-this-world vocal performance by Ms. Jennifer Hudson, each track is a candy-coated deep house disco dream. But, if there is one song that is all wrapped in music truth and then some, it’s “Lover Like You,” a dazzling after hours club groove featuring luscious vocals by UK dance diva, Katy B. The tantalizing tune will dive down deep into your music soul, take you on quite a ride, and now that the weather is turning into all things fabulous, this track and any other track on ‘Sirens’ will do just fine…and then some. 

2.Their ‘Sirens’ remix album will ALSO give you life….

If the original ‘Sirens’ heat wasn’t enough, the disco-licious duo have just released an accompanying remix album. While nothing will ever come close to comparing to the original, it’s still a fine piece of music werk. Included are a handful of remixes of ‘Sirens’ cuts, “Go All Night,” “Imagination,” “Ready For Your Love,” and they’ve also included their musical retelling of “Hideway” by Ms. Kiesza, who will also be featured this week as we get down with 5 reasons why business all week. To check out the rest of the ‘Sirens’ remix set, go right here

3.They’re blowing up everywhere in the world…except here….

Now, not to throw shade at the music we get down to stateside…but…sometimes I just want to cut a bitch when it comes to what radio plays these days.Why? Well, it seems as if there are so many talented overseas artists who blow up all over the globe…except for here in the U.S., and Gorgon City is certainly one of those artists. In their native UK, GC have charted hit-after-hit single, destroyed album sales and are quite a music force to be reckoned with. Here? Not so much…and I have no fucking clue why. Compared to the rest of the um, music that radio seems to make its bitch, Gorgon City’s tracks are a breath of fresh air and rightfully deserve some stateside music lovin.’ 

4.They are musically tight with Ms. JHud….

As mentioned above, Gorgon City and Ms. Hud hooked up to deliver “Go All Night,” a shimmering slice of straight up disco ball heaven. However, that’s not all the tanatlizing trio have cooked up, Gorgon also produced a rewire of Andrea Martin’s “I Still Love You,” for Jennifer’s last album, (the VASTLY overlooked), JHud. The rewire is absolutely the truth, and will grip at your disco strings until the end of all music eternity. Hey, if a talent like Jennifer is linking up with these badass boys, you know it MUST be all good…..and it most certainly is when it comes to this ‘JHud’ thunder….

5.They are also musically tight with MNEK…..

Another UK artist who Philly Mixtape will be giving ‘5 reasons why’ life to this week is dazzling UK singer, MNEK. The 22-year-old crooner has been making big music waves as a singer and a songwrite, and he ‘s as well as slaying backup vocals for Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ tune, “Living For Love,” which is certainly not too shabby. Gorgon City is also quite tight with the singer, as MNEK appeared on the standout ‘Sirens’ cut, ‘Ready For Your Love.’ The scorching sonnet became a huge hit for both acts, further cementing their sizzling music status. Are you turning up the volume on Gorgon City yet? 




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