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1.Madonna plays tonsil hockey with Drake on stage at Coachella….

Dreezy’s reaction is epic and priceless as he says at the end of the “ugh” lip lock, “Oh shit….what the fuck just happened?” Our words exactly….

2.Billboard rounds up the top 10 best moments from this weekend’s Coachella festival…

As you guys know, the Coachella 2015 festival was unleashed this weekend, and with it came a music ton of dazzling performances. Billboard rounded up the 10 best moments, included on the list are pulsating performances from Madeon, Marina and the Diamonds and (somehow) Azelia Banks. Which performance did the music mag put in the top spot? Go right here to find out. Also performing at the festival were UK beat masters, Gorgon City, who brought the house down with their stunning set….and you guys will also get to know them on Mixtape a bit later today as we kick off “5 reasons why”….start taking music notes now as you get lost in this video from the weekend’s festivities….

3.Deborah Cox releases new single, “More Than I Knew”…

Brace yourselves, everyone’s favorite vase shattering diva. the lovely Ms. Deborah Cox, has just a released a new single, “More Than I Knew.” The bright, bold R&B/pop ballad is everything you could want from Ms. Cox, as her vocals shine brighter than the music sky. Get lost in all things Deborah below and get your ‘Must Listen Monday’ on….

4.Pink takes on the haters….and slays them all….

First Kelly gets slammed for her post-baby body, and now Pink? WTF?? This past weekend Pink and husband Cary Hart went to the John Wayne 2015 Odyssey Ball charity event in L.A., and after photos surfaced from the event, Ms. Pink seemed to receive some unwanted hate from some people online regarding her weight. Always one to speak her mind, Pink delivered a not-so-little tweet to slay all the haters.”I can see that some of you are concerned about me from your comments about my weight,” the diva tweeted out in a lengthy message for those “concerned.” For the full hater takedown from Pink, go right here







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