5 Reasons Why Kiesza Can Never Become a ‘Forgot About Friday’ Music Artist

Okay, so if today’s ‘5 reasons why,’ isn’t a humble helping of music truth, than I don’t know what is. First, you guys are probably wondering why I’m posting a ‘FAF’ piece on a Tuesday. Well, I was afraid that if I posted this on Friday, I might curse the lovely Kiesza in becoming one of those music artists (hey, Leona and Ja) who soared on top of the music world…then fell of the face of the globe. When it come this dynamic songstress, that thought we just cannot fathom and it’s something that we can never, ever let happen. Not only is Kiesza breathtakingly talented, but her music is original, daring and delivers a sound that’s not like any other current music artist of the moment.

Over the past few months, Kiesza has released follow up singles to her debut cut, ‘Hideaway,” and sadly, none of have truly picked up the chart heat that they so rightfully deserve. This is something that worries Philly Mixtape because she thrivingly deserves to lead a long life of music success. Now, we don’t ask too much here from you guys, but what we do ask is for everyone to recognize dazzling talent when they hear it. The truth today is that we absolutely cannot let this whirlwind of a diva fade away with a one-way ticket to “Forget About Friday” land….and here are your pleading 5 reasons why….



First things first…this ginger haired diva’s got the moves! But, they’re not your typical (old school) Britney pop steps, Kiesza’s dance flow is like a ’90s -fly -girl -with -a -Cathy- Dennis style backdrop all rolled into one smokin.’ music dutch. In the clip for her debut single, “Hideaway,” you can’t help but get lost in Ms. K absolutely slaying it all over the streets of a Brooklyn neighborhood with a gaggle of her groovy gal pals…

Just when we think it couldn’t get any better, Kiesza delivers an even more fierce video for follow up single, “No Enemies.” We don’t want to give too much away, but after one “Must Watch,” you will be heading straight to the closest mirror and copying each one of her moves step-by-step. It’s THAT good, and only further proves just how mega talented she is….

2.Her debut set, Sound of a Woman, is brilliant…..and you’re not buying it…

Last year, Kiesza released her first full length studio set, ‘Sound of a Woman,’ to glowing reviews and big buzz. Packed with ’90s house music punch, saucy lyrics and feisty beats, ‘Sound’ is a breath of fresh music air that absolutely sounds like nothing on what’s on radio these days. In fact, in Brennan Carley’s Spin magazine review, he says that Kiesza’s glowing debut is “one of the most elastic albums of the 1990s, both 20 years too late and also totally in time” and he also noted that the flame haired chanteuse “shows the insight to carve a lane out for herself in pop music that apparently nobody else felt the need to journey down.”

Kiesza’s “Sound” is the perfect mix of dirty deep -house ditties and bedroom beats that all blend perfectly with her pumping pipes. Of course, album singles, “Hideaway,” “No Enemiesz,” “Giant In My Heart” and the albums title track musically represent to the fullest, but, it’s hidden gems like the Haddaway tasting “What Is Love” the sultry, “So Deep” and “Bad Thing,” and booming dance tracks, “Over Myself” and “The Love” that really come together to create one of the sleekest-and vastly overlooked-records of recent music time. You should be adding it to your collection…right now. 

3.She’s musically tight with Missy Elliot…..

Let’s flashback to this year’s Super Bowl for a moment. Remember how amazing it was to see Missy steal, err, perform at the halftime music spectacle this year with Katy Perry? From that moment, we knew Missy was about to cook up something in the studio-and the stunning Kiesza was one of the first people she jumped into music bed with. Earlier this year, Missy rewerked the Jack U banger, “Take U There” co-starring Kiesza, and not only does the dizzying ditty take over your music soul with one listen, it also proves that Missy knows real, raw talent when she hears it, and for Kiesza….that’s a fabulous thing when Missy “Misdemeanor” knows your name…

4.She’s making waves as an up-and-coming songwriter….

On her debut set, Kiesza wrote all but one of the tracks, which shows just how much of an incredible songwriter she is. It’s ‘Sound’ songs like “Piano,” the albums title cut and especially, ‘What Is Love,’ that showcase that underneath her ’90s inspired look and vibe, she can write some deep shit. It should also be noted that besides working with Missy, Ms. Diva has also written a few tracks for Rihanna’s upcoming ‘R8’ album, including one that has a “very strong message,” further saying, “It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. It’s one of those songs where the lyrics and melody just came together out of nowhere, kind of like ‘Hideway.”

5.She’s INCREDIBLE live……

Last year, I got the chance to see Kiesza perform at the TLA, and it was by far one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. From the time she brought her feisty self and her dancer gal pals up on stage, she served up a whole Trump buffet of music truth, bringing down the house with each number she performed. Also at the show was her rendition of “Hallelujah,” that featured a soaring piano, driving beat and a gritty sample of Mobb Deep’s classic Hip-Hop banger, “Shook Ones(Part 1).” To see all of it live was absolutely incredible. Are you sold on Kiesza yet? 

6.If you’re still not convinced….there’s always THIS moving cover of Hozier’s “Take Me To Church”…..that’s all. 



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