10 Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Boogie Oogie Oogie On at Fisco Rispo Disco

“Get on up…on the floor, ’cause we’re gonna boogie oogie oogie till you just can’t boogie no more,” shimmies A Taste of Honey on their ’79 strobe-lit hit, “Boogie Oogie Oogie.” Coincidentally, those shimmering lyrics can also hold truth when it comes to Fisco Rispo Disco, the monthly event held at Tavern on Camac by local DJs Jimmy DePre and John Michael Di Spirito. If you don’t know by now, FRD, is a roller skate romp of an event held every last Sunday at TOC by these two vinyl crushing local talents. Since its launch earlier this year, the event has taken off in a bright way, but Philly Mixtape always feels that some of you music kids out there may need a little more convincing when it comes to these incredible local talents, as they get ready to serve up another round this Sunday, May 31st….

While there are a million reasons why you should absolutely get your boogie ooogie on at FRD, we came up with the reasons that will have you headed straight to lace those up those skates and get your party on and stuff! Can you handle this music truth? Jimmy and John Michael sure think you can…….

1.The local talent running it is extraordinary…and they do it all for you….

Before we get Fisco-fied, we must first get to know the extraordinary talent running the disco candy shop. While Jimmy and John Michael have crafted their own individual styles to perfection,  they have linked up to bring you guys this event…which means double the funkdafied fire.

Mr. DePre lives that old school/obscure record life, so when you arrive at FRD, you can be guaranteed to hear disco tracks that you’ve definitely never heard before, as he’s got a vinyl collection for all of music eternity and then some. But, once he starts turning it out, that special Fisco tingle will kick in and you will absolutely live…for it all. 

Mr. Di Spirito also specializes in those obscure tunes as well, but with a delightful pop twist, pulling up remixes that will just make you check your life, honey. At the end of the day, these two talents do it all for you, so in the name of Jennifer Love Hewitt, what are you waiting for? Go. 

2.The music, of course…..

Crates and crates and crates of vinyl……………are all ready and waiting for you.


3.It’s a Sunday Tea Dance! 

Now, just what is a Sunday Tea dance, you might ask? When Fisco first kicked up its perfectly snug bellbottoms a few months ago, both boys stopped by Philly Mixtape for a music tea spillage, where Jimmy went on to say that a “Sunday Tea allows for an easier sounding approach with little expectation other than having a good time with good music. With our Tea running from 4pm until 9pm, you could still sleep in, have brunch, grab a few drinks and a dance with friends and be home in time for a good night’s sleep so you’re rested for the work week on Monday.” To us, that sounds like disco ball perfection. Still not convinced? Check out the rest of the Philly Mixtape music tea spillage with John Michael and Jimmy right here

4.Because DJ John Michael is spinning THIS for you….








6.Because Jimmy is spinning THIS for you…..

7.Because there’s nothin’ but music love and good vibes all around….

Besides the incredible music that will be spun out for everyone, the main objective of ‘FRD‘ is to bring everyone together for a good, wholesome great flow. If you’re looking for an event that specializes in making everyone feel welcome and loved, than ‘FRD’ is where you need to be headed. There’s no egos, no divas, no attitudes….just pure music lovin’ and colorful vibes…what could better than that?

8.Because you just might see someone might be wearing THIS…



 9.Because what else have you got going on while dealing with your weekend hangover?

Really, you know you just wondered in from the night before, so why not keep it rolling and head straight to Tavern at 4:00. Besides, we all know the perfect cure for a hangover isn’t time, a cold shower or Taco Bell-it’s getting lost in some great music, and you will absolutely will when you get your boogie oogie oogie on at Fisco Rispo Disco….

 10.Do you really need another reason?

Jimmy and John Michael will see you there!




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