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1. Ed Sheeran hopes to land guest spot on ‘Game of Thrones’….

Yesterday, we told you guys that Ed Sheeran claimed his bosom buddy, Harry Styles, had a big member, and now, the U.K. pop crooner is hoping to get dismembered on ‘Game of Thrones.’ In an interview with The Sun, the singer/songwriter revealed that he’s been approached in the past to make a cameo on ‘Thrones,’ but hasn’t been able to take anyone up on their offer due to timing. Now, that might be a different story, as the singer dished, “There were talks ages ago of me being an extra, which could have been cool. But every time they shoot it’s the time I tour in the UK,” he told the London mag, “But I’ve got that time off this year, so I’m going to hound them.” In fact, earlier this month, the ‘Sing’ singer received a ‘GoT’ sword, just like Jon Snow’s from the series. Hey, if he lands this guest spot, it’s a lot better than him continuing on about Harry’s dick, right? 

2.’Furious 7′ soundtrack is racing all over Billboard charts…..

For the first time in more than a decade, a soundtrack is the No. 1 album on the Billboard album chart, while one of its songs tops the Billboard Hot 100. This week, the ‘Furious 7’ soundtrack jumps to No. 1 on the Billboard 200, while its smash song “See You Again,” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, vaulted an astounding 10-1 on the Hot 100, while at the same time (finally) taking “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars out of the top spot, where it sat pretty for 14 (!) weeks! This shouldn’t come as too much as a surprise, being that the film has grossed an astonishing $260 million at the box office so far, making it the most successful ‘Furious’ of the franchise….but, please, no more….

3.Hilary Duff spills music tea about her long awaited comeback….

Brace yourselves….the Lizzie McGuire, errr, Hilary Duff comeback train keeps on moving, as the 27- year- old singer recently spilled some music tea to the AP on her comeback.  You guys might remember that Ms. Duff was riding high a decade ago with her platinum albums,  ‘Metamorphosis’ and the self-titled  ‘Hilary Duff.’ Currently, the working mama dukes is now signed to Sony’s RCA Records, which houses the careers of Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, just to name a few. In a recent interview, the diva stated, “Coming back into it for me has been a big learning experience and it’s a lot of anxiety. I want to stay true to myself. I want to have a specific message. I want to give my fans what they want to hear. I want to be competitive.” If you want to sip some more music tea with Ms. Hilary, check this out. Meanwhile, if you haven’t heard her Tove Lo produced new single, “Sparks,” yet, check it out below, as it’s also one of Philly Mixtape’s favorite songs of the moment (yes, I know…)


4.Nicki Minaj is engaged!!

We can only imagine what Meek Mill is going to do with ALL that junk in that trunk….


5.Have you gotten your Philly Mixtape ‘5 Reasons Why’ on all week???

All week long, Philly Mixtape has been serving up all the music truth you can handle in our musically sexy ‘5 Reasons Why’ segments. This week, UK dance duo Gorgon City, flame haired chanteuse Kiesza and UK crooner MNEK have all been in the pleading spotlight. There’s still two more days left…and they’re quite delicious. So, in case you haven’t gotten lost in the music truth yet, you can dive in headphones first below….

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