5 Reasons Why You Should Be All Up in Deep House Music

Well, here we are kids, the end of the ‘5 reasons why’ road. But, don’t get all Boyz 2 Men on us just yet, we have the biggest music case in front of us so far, as we try to convince you all how you absolutely need to be getting lost in all things deep house music. For those who may just be tuning into Philly Mixtape, this was a ‘5 Reasons Why’ that appeared on the Facebook page a few months ago, but we wanted to rewerk it as a special treat for those who may just be tuning in…because the genre of deep house is just so delicious…

Without going on and on about just how lovely deep house music is to get down to, we’re just going to head to straight to music class and get lost in these 5 reasons why everyone should be all up in it all the time. Thanks everyone for a splendid ‘5 reasons why’ week, there will absolutely be more weekly music pleadings on the horizon, all you have to do is stay tuned! And now, we get lost in those deep grooves….go…

1. It’s a very underrated music genre stateside…..
Around the music globe, deep house dominates music chambers everywhere, with artists like Duke Dumont, Katy B, Matey Emerson and Philly Mixtape’s favorite, Gorgon City, all delivering global chart-topping smashes. Around these parts, y’all? (Damn country diva week) Not so much. So….on that sultry synth-whirl, my advice to everyone would be to step away from the Taylor and stop trying to do the “Uptown Funk,” and get lost in “Those Girls,” a seductive banger from exquisite UK deep dance floor diva, Karen Harding. Who you may just hear from again next week….just sayin’…….

2. It’s light, lavish house music, not hard, crunchy EDM slop….

Now, as much as Philly Mixtape loves to get down to those hard-hitting grooves, there’s nothing more than house music that contains a certain energy and an emotion that just creeps into the best places of your music soul. Deep house grooves are craftly constructed to have a pulse with a heartbeat that flows seductively through your bloodstream, not pulverizing the brain, like the hot mess over-processed EDM tracks that mainstream radio just chokes out. Take an artist like UK’s Duke Dumont, for example. Overseas, he’s a force to be reckoned with, over here he’s known to some of us, but not everyone…and that’s a problem. Next week, Mr. Dumont will be sprinkled throughout your Philly Mixtape week, but for now, get lost in one of his first tracks, “Need U(100%),” which was penned by another dazzling UK artist who was also featured in “5 Reasons Why” this week, the brilliant, MNEK.


3.It fits any kind of personal mood…..

Deep house is one of those music genres that has the ability to take you up when you’re down….and down when you’re up. The genre has been around for quite sometime now, lifting auras all over the world, even peaking into mainstream radio in the early ’90s thanks to the likes of dance floor divas CeCe Peniston, Crystal Waters, Cathy Dennis, Robin. S, and many, many more..

Before you go further down on the musically mouthwatering list, check out this amazing strobe kissed track, “Over,” by Russian house DJ, Matvey Emerson. The dreamy ditty seductively samples Mariah’s ’90 opus, “Someday,” and puts it on top of a guitar and synth laced wonder of a flow. It’s music heaven at its very best.

4.It’s perfect for the beat bedroom…..

As much as Philly Mixtape loves some Marvin Gaye, Luther, Minnie and a little Anita while doing the between- the -sheets-music thang, there’s nothing quite like a deep, sultry sonnet to put the “mo” in your “jo.” But, don’t take Philly Mixtape’s bedroom word for it, slip into the seductive, “Lover Like You,” featuring smoky vocals by Katy B., which are mixed to perfection with a closed door beat provided by Gorgon City. Oh…we played this for you already? Who cares….it’s that good…

5.Because it’s the weekend….just let it all go….

Really, if the last 4 reasons and tracks don’t have you convinced, here’s a headphones worth more..Enjoy! 





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