Forgot About Friday/Shaggy

If there ever was a radio track in the early ’00s that just pulverized our very existences, it was, um, “It Wasn’t Me,” by long lost music artist, Shaggy. Yes, this was a song that everybody knew and sung the phrase, “buck naked bangin’ on the bathroom floor,” over and over and over again. But, soon after the “Me” music dust cooled as well as the chart heat from his gliding follow up single, “Angel,” the struggle got real for our “Forgot About Friday” resident dancehall crooner. So, on that “what the f#$K is he saying?” rhyme, let’s relive the short lived career of Shaggy for a music moment in time, shall we? 

Kicking things off is something that Philly Mixtape certainly didn’t know about Shaggy is that before launching his music career, Mr. Man was actually enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. The reggae crooner served with a firing battery from the 10th Marine Regiment during the Gulf War, and it was during that time when he perfected his signature singing voice, and it’s also where he got the inspiration for one of his first hits, “Boombastic.”

In 1993, Shaggy began to pursue his music career, taking on “Oh Carolina,” a dancehall re-make of a ska hit by the Folkes Brothers, which went to appear in the Sharon Stone ’93 box office bomb, ‘Sliver.’ That same year, Shaggy appeared on Kenny Dope’s Hip -Hop album ‘The Unreleased Project,’ where it was then that he clicked up with producers like Sting International, Don One, Lloyd ‘Spiderman’ Campbell, Robert Livingston and Frankie Cutlass. Of course we all know his biggest mid ’90s hit, “Boombastic,” as well as the smash single, “In The Summertime,” and also “That Girl,” a bouncing duet with baby makin’ crooner, Maxi Priest, that all put Shaggy on the music map…for a little while, at least. 

But, as we all know, Mr. Lovah Lovah’s career really took off in 2000 when he released, ‘Hot Shot,’ which went on to become certified 6x Platinum in the U.S. Laced with hits “Angel” and, ugh, “It Wasn’t Me,” both songs hit #1, but it was “Angel” that was noted for its Juice Newtown “Angel of the Morning” and Steve Miller Band “The Joker” samples. But, sadly, his two follow-up records, ’02’s ‘Lucky Day’ and 05’s ‘Clothes Drop’, failed to match ‘Hot Shot’s success, and soon, well, you know why we’re here today….

However, don’t feel bad for the former dancehall king, because over his two decade career, Shaggy has released a dozen albums, took home plenty of music awards and is no doubt sitting pretty from all that coin he made during his ‘Hot Shot’ days. For that one moment in time, Shaggy ruled the charts with songs that your brother, your mother, sister and best friend new…and drove you crazy while attempting to sing them. And that, my music friends, is quite a “Forgot About Friday” accomplishment. 

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