Mixtape Music News/Music Video Edition

You guys remember music videos, right? You know, those bright, colorful moving music things that MTV used to play on the picture box? Well, Philly Mixtape thinks that the forgotten about art of music videos needs to be recognized, and lucky for us, there was a whole buffet of fresh new clips released this week that are ripe for the music pickin.’ Instead of your regularly scheduled music news programming, the new music videos are taking over, including a TWERK-alicious “Yoga” from Jangle Monae, we learn how to “Drop That Kitty” with Ty Dolla $ign, Charli XCX and Tinashe, we will also get lost in a beautiful new clip from DJ caribou and brace yourselves….David Hasselhoff is back with a crazy fucking music video that you just have to see….to not believe. 

Janelle Monáe/ Jidenna/’Yoga”

Just when you thought you had twerking down, Ms. Monae comes along and snatches that weave. If you haven’t seen Janelle’s romping clip yet, it’s certainly a “Must Watch” and will get you twerkin’ for all of music eternity…and then some.

Vivian Green/”Get Right Back to My Baby”

You guys may remember the gorgeous Ms. Green from her most noted hit, the heart wrenching, “Emotional Rollercoster.”  Now, the diva has returned to grand form, and with that comes a fun new track called “Get Right Back to My Baby,” which is guaranteed to put a little pep in your Friday step. The ’70s R&B laced groove is not only perfect for the end of the week, but it’s also perfect to get lost in while riving with the windows down…and just cruisin.’ 

Kiesza/”No Enemies”

Now that we’re saying goodbye to ‘5 Reasons Why’ week on Mixtape, we must now continue to bow down to ginger haired diva, Kiesza, as she was featured in one of our cases earlier in the week. Like we told you guys, this is one artist who is mega-talented and deserves your attention at all times…and can never become a ‘Forgot About Friday’ artist…ever. Get convinced while copying moves from her dazzling video for her bubbly hit, “No Enemiesz”

Ty Dolla $ign/Charli XCX/Tinashe /”Drop That Kitty”

While Ms. Monae had has all twerking this week, Mr. $ign links up with Charl XCX and Tinashe to make us “Drop That Kitty,” a DJ Mustard laced track complete with a heated up beat for your music trunk. Is the first groove of the summer right here? You can decide right…now.

Caribou/”Can’t Do Without You”

Looking to get uplifted as you soar into your weekend? Look no further than getting lost in “Can’t Do Without You,” a stunning clip by DJ Caribou. This is what music videos used to be all about…..

This video…of Britney….cursing out a fan….is everything.

How does she still sound so damn sweet while calling someone a “fucking asshole?”

This David Hasselhoff music video…he’s back….you’ve been warned…..


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