Must Listen Monday

You guys ready to get your “Must Listen Monday” on? This week’s list is piping hot fresh out of the music oven, as we’ve got fired up new tracks from electronic acts Neon Hitch and Maverick Sabre, a powerful new take-you-to-music church of a tune aptly named “Hallelujah,” provided by Panic! at the Disco, and some hot remixes provided by DJs R3hab, who takes on Ciara’s “I Bet,” and Tiesto, who refixes Sam Smith’s heartbreaking track, “Lay Me Down.” In a music word, we’ve got quite a groovy mixtape of  “Must Listen” music goodies ready to serve up for your Monday…

Also, this week Philly Mixtape is living for all things deep house grooves, so today we’ve got on deck Ms. Cathy Dennis and her ’90s hit, “Touch Me,” getting deeply rewerked and also, “Like I Want to,” a steamy song by neo-soul diva Lisa Shaw, which has been transformed into a slice of deep house heaven. But, if there’s one artist who Philly Mixtape is happy to see on the list, it’s window shattering songstress, JoJo. A few days ago, an unreleased track of hers called, “Far From Heaven,” surfaced, and while the young singer’s vocals may have gotten a bit huskier over the years, there’s no doubt that this girl can sang. Prepare to be dazzled as you get lost in JoJo’s new groove, as well as nine other ‘Must Listen’ kissed tracks, fresh from Philly Mixtape’s headphones to yours……..go.


Cathy Dennis/”Touch Me”/The Unique Deep Vocal Edit

Panic! at the Disco/”Hallelujah”

Maverick Sabre/”Walk Into the Sun”

Neon Hitch/”Eleutheromaniac”

JoJo/”Far From Heaven”

Sam Smith/”Lay Me Down”/Tiesto remix

Nico & Vinz/”Fresh Idea”

Ciara/”I Bet”/R3hab remix

Zedd/Bahari/”Addicted to a Memory”

Lisa Shaw/”Like I Want to” (Dutchian Soul Vocal Rub)





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