10 Classic Taylor Dayne Singles

Last week, Philly Mixtape got its music talons on “Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye,” an electric club banger whipped up by DJ Sir Ivan, featuring vocals from late-’80s/early -’90s pop goddess, Taylor Dayne. While hearing Ms. Dayne’s powerful, pulsating voice come alive once again on a groovin’ club groove was simply uplifting, hearing her dynamic chops also took Philly Mixtape away to her scrumptious music catalog that contains loads of music truth….and lots and lots of Aqua Net…..

For those that may not know about this dancy diva, Ms. Dayne (real name-Leslie Underman), first bopped onto the scene in 1987 with her debut set, “Tell it to My Heart.” Arriving amidst the flurry of all those ’80s divas-Madonna! Janet! Paula! Cyndi!- Taylor came armed with big dance tunes, killer vocals, and a look that was. well, certainly ALL her own. After notching four top 10 singles in a row off of her debut, she slayed the charts once again with follow up album, “Can’t Fight Fate,” that contained the monster singles “With Every Beat Of My Heart” and (sigh) “Love Will Lead You Back.” 

In the mid-’90s, Taylor kept going strong with her third album, ‘Soul Dancing,’ which was followed up with ’98’s ‘Naked Without You,’ and after she gave birth to twins, she came back swinging with ’08’s ‘Satisfied.’  While her later sets did moderately well on the charts, the singles released didn’t quite spark the fire that her earlier releases did. However, it was her later hits that were transformed from pure pop sugar into club description as her cuts, “Say a Prayer,” “Naked Without You,” “Planet Love,” “Facing a Miracle” and “Beautiful” all soared on dance floors all over the globe. 

While there really is nothing like a rewerked Taylor Dayne dance party, Philly Mixtape decided to open up the music vault and revel in those classic Ms. Dayne tracks that simply brought the heat back-in-the-day. These are all not only great slices of late-’80s/early -’90s pop heaven, but they are true classic Taylor Dayne singles at their very, very best. Enjoy!! Philly Mixtape thinks you just might….

“Tell It To My Heart”

Thank the music heavens that this song was a smashing debut single for her…because THIS video….we can’t even talk about. 

“Prove Your Love”

Besides having her man work to prove his love, Taylor proved that she wasn’t a one-hit wonder, delivering another top 10 smash…and another video that is all wrapped up in ’80s truth….

“I’ll Always Love You”

Her first mid-tempo groove, it proved a bigger success than its predecessors, landing at #3 on the singles charts. Flawless…

“Don’t Rush Me”

The hair is ALMOST contained in her big #2 hit….

“With Every Beat of My Heart”

Watching the hair transition from album #1 to #2 is quite something….look, it’s straight! And the song is fabulous, too! Go on, Ms. Dayne.

“Love Will Lead You Back”

Three words to describe this heartbreaking, yet promising ballad-perfection..gorgeous…classic. The Diane Warren penned love song was actually written with the dearly departed Whitney Houston in mind, but Clive Davis wanted Taylor to have it instead. We’re glad he passed it as her way, as “Love” went on to become one of Taylor’s biggest hits-and her only #1 single. Sigh……..

“I’ll Be Your Shelter”

While “Shelter” notched the songstress another top 5 hit, it’s probably one of the diva’s most underrated earlier singles (as well as “Heart of Stone), although it still has all the makings of a classic Taylor single…only a bit more juiced up than the others. 

“Can’t Get Enough of Your Love”

While nothing will compare to the dearly departed Barry White’s ’77 original, Taylor came pretty damn close with her ’93 rewire, which also served as the lead single to her third album, ‘Soul Dancing.’ The remake would also become Taylor’s last charting top 20 hit…

“Send Me a Lover”

If you don’t this vastly underrated, gorgeous ballad, then you need your Taylor Dayne music card revoked. Philly Mixtape wants to know….why didn’t this heart shattering song go…anywhere?

“Beautiful”/RJ Club Mix

While we could get lost all day in those tasty Taylor refixes, it’s this romping RJ rendition of her ’08 hit that makes us feel pretty and fancy….all over…..




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