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1.Jay Z’s Tidal music streaming service is a big…….flop.

Remember that BIG announcement last month when Jay Z revealed that he would be taking over the streaming service, Tidal? Well, what seemed to have been a hot music topic, is now a hot music…flop. In fact, Jay’s latest venture seems to falling more hard than RiRi in ’09, as the streaming service has just dropped out of the top 700 apps on iPhone in the US and looks to continue falling down the chart-way down. Even overseas, the Tidal struggle is real as the service no longer sits in the top 500 of the iOS and Google Play Store charts. We all know that Tidal received loads of media attention after Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Madonna, Daft Punk, Jack White and a buffet of other big name artists all convened in a room to launch the new service – but it looks like that was about as hyped up as we’re going to get. Meanwhile, Spotify and Pandora are laughing….all the way to the bank. 

2.Get ready….Britney and Iggy Azalea are performing ‘Pretty Girls’ at the Billboard Music Awards!!

Hot off the music press, it has just been announced that Britney and Iggy will perform, “Pretty Girls,’ their much anticipated collaboration, at this year’s Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 17th. What will no doubt be one of the biggest pop moments of the year, it will also be nice to Brit Brit performing on live T.V. again….it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? “Pretty Girls” is set to strike radio on May 5th, and will serve as the lead single to Britney’s upcoming 8th studio set. 

3.Rihanna spills music tea with ‘V’ magazine about her upcoming ‘R8’ studio set….

Not one to hold anything back, Rihanna spilled all kinds of  music tea-and then some-in the latest issue of ‘V’ magazine. In the sexy spread, RiRi is up in a handful of sexy shots, looking as ‘Rated R’ as ever, but more importantly, she (finally) spills on her much-hyped upcoming ‘R8’ set. Of the new album, Rihanna says, “Dude, I’m in love with my interludes. This one called ‘James’ joint is on constant repeat. (the album is) soulful and aggressive, whether it’s lyrically, musically, or just the tone of my voice.” Also, if it seemed that Ri was “on a break” following her 2012 set, ‘Unapologetic,’ that certainly wasn’t the case. The singer went on to say, “I didn’t actually take time off. The past two years are the hardest I’ve ever worked.” What to know everything that RiRi’s been up to? You should check this out. Meanwhile, “Rude Boy” all day…

4.Chaka Khan performs “It’s Raining Men” on Letterman…..

Yesterday, Philly Mixtape served up Tracy Chapman on Letterman performing “Stand by Me,” and today we’ve got the one-and-only, Ms. Chaka Khan taking on the smash Weather Girls hit, “It’s Raining Men.” It’s no secret that Mr. Letterman has been picky about who he wants to perform on the show now that’s its finishing its victory lap, so the fact that he’s had both Tracy and Chaka on says that Mr. David really loves his talented divas! Really, how can you go wrong with a little Chaka on hump day?

5.THIS video of Amy Schumer crashing Kimye’s Time 100 red carpet moment is everything….

You just have to watch. We will say that Ms. Schumer asked her publicist first in which they stated, “I can’t stop you.” 

To watch the video and get hooked up on all things TIME 100, go here.




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