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1. WorldTown SoundSystem turned 4…

WorldTown rocked the dance party this past weekend, celebrating their 4th anniversary by playing a near sold out show at Coda, and packing the house with an insane after-party giving off good vibes all around. If you want to have a good time and you’re a music artist, WorldTown is where you want to be. The music buffet of DJs, percussionists, musicians and vocalists are gearing up for a pretty hefty spring and summer around Philly. Stay connected and check out all the videos hashtagged from the concert here.


2. Philly’s Kate Faust releases new sultry sexy single for your spring “Must Listen” pleasure…

Listen to “In Bloom” below and be sure to pre-order her new EP ‘Eros’ here. For more Ms. Faust, go here



3. Record Store Day was a huge success!!

With a higher sales average than previous years for vinyl lovers everywhere, this year was also the year…where sh*t got weird. Dave Grohl and gang did an impromptu free show at a record store in a strip mall in Ohio and U2’s special vinyl of ‘Innocence’ mistakenly turned out to be a Tool album. If you missed April 18th 2015 again…well…you’ve got a whole year to prepare here.




4. Brit-Pop makes a comeback…

Funked up English band, Blur, have released their new album a week early on iTunes Radio. ‘The Magic Whip’ is the 8th studio album by the band and first one in over 15 years with the full lineup back together. To celebrate, the band had an ice cream truck running around Los Angeles over the weekend. Check out “I, Broadcast” here:


Katy-Perry-Left-Shark-Goes-Viral-More-Internet-Hits5. Katy Perry can’t have Left Shark….

In a desperate attempt at claiming ownership of ‘Left Shark,’ Katy Perry has been denied trademark. Meanwhile other people, like Fernando Sosa, are making figurines of ‘Left Shark’ and making pure profit. While she can copyright the name, she still can’t tie product to her face. What she doesn’t realize is…Ikea always had him first. Katy, we love you, and if you love him…let him go.




6. Sia’s at it again…

Her song, ‘Fire Meets Gasoline’ provides the perfect soundtrack to Heidi Klum and Pedro Pascal’s (Game of Thrones) steamy bedroom romp. To watch yet another breathtaking Sia video, go here.


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