Must Listen Monday

Are you guys ready to get your “Must Listen Monday” on? This week’s list is most groovy as we get ready to press play on new tracks from Taio Cruz, K. Michelle, Steve Aoki and Goldhouse. But, if there’s one tune that stands above the rest this week, it’s the deep-house rewerk of the late, great Aaliyah’s 2000 hit, “Try Again.” DJ Silash has taken the slinky flow of the original and turned it into a deep delicious dish that will give all you all the right feels as you unwind from yet another Monday. 

Kicking off the list this week is the Britney/Giorgio Moroder rewerk of the Suzanne Vega/DNA ’91 classic tune, “Tom’s Diner.” Philly Mixtape is slowly, maybe catching on to it, but maybe you guys will like it upon first listen now that the full disco-kissed version has surfaced. You guys can get lost in it…right now. Happy “Must Listen-ing!” 

Britney Spears/Giorgio Moroder/”Tom’s Diner”

Taio Cruz/”Do What You Like”

Aaliyah/”Try Again”/Silash Remix

Steve Aoki/Nervo/Tony Junior/”Lightning Strikes”

K. Michelle/”Hard To Do”

Blonde/Alex Newell/”All Cried Out”/Oliver Nelson Remix

Goldhouse/”When I Come Home”

Five Knives/”Savages”/Illyus & Barrientos Remix

Rozalla/”If You Say It Again”

Mariah Carey/”Infinity”


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