Werkout Groove of the Day/Lanfranchi & Marchesini/”Boys & Girls”

You guys ready to keep sweatin’ it out at the Philly Mixtape gym? Today’s groove is brought to you by Lanfranchi & Marchesini and their roaring romp, “Boys & Girls.” Besides having the energy to just make you move, the track is also laced with a glorious after-hours-club-in-paradise-kind of vibe, which is perfect for the beautiful day that is just starting to bloom today. Whether you’re on a run,¬†slicin’ it up in spin class, doing squats at the gym or just boppin’ around the crib, L&M’s groove will, um, groove you for all of music eternity. While many of you music kids out there may not have had the pleasure of this killer cut tickling your¬†eardrums, Philly Mixtape says to take a chance on it….you’ll be glad you did. These days, we need the power of music to bring us all together more than ever…



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