Janet Groove of the Day/”Make Me”

There are many reasons why Philly Mixtape loves ridin’ the disco ball when it comes to Janet’s strobe-kissed 2010 single, “Make Me.” For one, it’s Ms. Janet. (I mean…) Two, “Make Me,” which is off of her ‘Number Ones’ greatest hits set, is an underrated Janet gem that no one seems to talk about or listen to…ever. When the delectable was released–besides the dance charts–the sultry single was nowhere to be found on pop charts or radio for that music matter. We have to wonder why because the high energy track is one of Janet’s best later career grooves. From its shimmering start to its whirling finish, “Make Me” will indeed make you shake that ass all hump day long. Another reason why you should be groovin’ to Janet’s tasty groove? It’s the last single she’s delivered to headphones while we (patiently) wait for her album to (supposedly) drop this July. Ready to get on the floor? Ms. Janet is waiting for you….go.



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