Kiesza and Betty Who Owned the TLA Stage Last Night

Last night, Philly Mixtape had the absolute pleasure of seeing both Betty Who and Kiesza destroy the stage at the TLA. First up was saucy diva-from-down under, Ms. Betty, whose set was laced with a healthy serving of the music goodies from her amazing, ‘Take Me When You Go,’ record. Among the tracks she delightfully performed were “Runaways,” “Glory Days,’ and also “All Of You,” which she kicked off with as mid-tempo piano version, then eventually launching into its explosive pop rock form, which certainly put the crowd to work. However, the highlight of the Ms. Who portion of the evening was when she closed her dazzling set and rocked out with her LGBT anthem, “Somebody Loves You,” and we certainly loved Betty Who in all of her blonde-bob Aussie pop glory last night.



After a short break, it was time to have a dance party with deep house diva, Kiesza-and that’s just what we did for her entire set. Performing pretty much every track from her wonderfully brilliant (and vastly overlooked), ‘Sound of a Woman,’ record, Ms. Kiesza danced, bopped, grooved, and absolutely sung her little music heart out. Personal highlights include her sex-bedroom laced version of Hideaway’s ’93 hit, “What is Love,” and her live take on “So Deep” took us all to the deepest levels of the music sea. Another highlight, the high kicking, “No Enemiesz,” is a tantalizing treat to see live because that choreography is just on point, honey. Throw in a jacked up live version of her Jack Ü banger, “Take Ü There,” and Kiesza proved once again that she’s a force to be reckoned with on that coveted stage.


When it came to end the evening(sigh…), it was on a bit of a somber note as Kiesza announced that Philly would be the last stop for her and Ms. Who on their tour. You can tell that the flame-haired groove goddess was a bit emotional delivering the news, which really says that she–along with Betty–are really in it to continually bring us that music love–and that’s exactly what both bright-haired divas did at the TLA last night.




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