Cher Groove of the Day/”If I Could Turn Back Time”

Sadly, Philly Mixtape‘s Cher week is coming to a close, but don’t think the party is over yet, because today we’re serving up her ’89 mega-hit, “If I Could Turn Back Time,” to keep the celebration going well into Memorial Day weekend and beyond. Much like, “Believe,” this is another one of those Cher songs that everyone knows and butchers at karaoke time and time again. Also, the single marked another big comeback in Cher’s career, only further proving that she’s got the moves and grooves to last for all of music eternity. When the Diane Warren penned tune was released in the summer of ’89, it bulldozed its way straight to the top of the charts while at the same time giving us a Cher song to last through the ages.

But, to really understand “If I Could Turn Back Time,” we need to get lost in its accompanying video. Shot in Los Angeles and filmed on the battleship USS Missouri,  our beloved dances and prances around while singing to a large group of sailors. In the iconic clip, the band plays on the foredeck, and the whole vessel is rigged with like a Cher Farewell Tour at sea, complete with light racks and strobes for days. Even Cher’s son, Elijah Blue Allman, makes an appearance in the video, playing a guitar and rockin’ a Jimi Hendrix shirt. And THAT outfit Cher was barely wearing, was–and still is–an get-up for all get-ups. The fishnet body stocking under a very revealing black one-piece bathing suit not only proved very controversial,  but many television networks refused to air the video. In fact, in 1989, MTV banned the video to only be played after 9 p.m. (Seems funny to say that MTV actually played videos.) Whatever the controversy, it worked like a charm, because the tantalizing tune went down as an instant classic and will absolutely continue to turn back time in our music worlds when Cher was indeed that bitch once again. 

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