5 Reasons Why You Need Hed Kandi in Your Music Life This Summer and Beyond

To keep you guys relaxing in the summer music hammock, today Philly Mixtape is going to take everyone on a trip around the globe on its private music jet–literally–as we get lost in all things Hed Kandi music. Just to school those who may not be too familiar with this insatiable kandy-koated dance label, Hed Kandi was founded in 1999 at Jazz fm Radio Stations’ Enterprise Division by Mark Doyle, who whipped up the initial idea and created the name, concept and tantalizing set listings. While the music of HK made its dazzling mark on radio, their live events quickly gained popularity with a romping residency in Ibiza. In fact, in 2002, the label had gained enough momentum from its Ibiza nights to launch a regular residency at famed nightclub Pacha in London, which was soon followed by a big partnership with world renowned English Breakfast music tea-sipping enterprise, Ministry of Sound. And the rest is pure, delectable dance ditty history….

Philly Mixtape has been a big groupie of Hed Kandi‘s grooves for as long as we can remember, but since they are custom designed for their overseas market, their insatiable albums, artists and vibes haven’t connected in the states in the way they absolutely should. So, today, let’s fly around the music globe and all get convinced to live that Hed Kandi music life in your first summer-themed edition of  5 Reasons Why. Who’s ready for the summer music take off? Everyone…

1.ANY one of their compilation albums will treat you right…..

One of the best parts about the Hed Kandi label–besides being funkdafied and fabulous–is that a headphones-ful times a year, they serve up some of the best dance compilations you’ve ever laid your ear drums on. While there are truly too many to sort out, you can musically count on their annual Winter Mix album to take you to a warmer place, their summer Beach House sets will have you lathering on the Copper Tone, as any of their mixes will certainly do no matter what season it is. Even for the disco lovers they offer up their Twisted Disco series, and for all of the beat-hungry baby-makers out there, they’ve got their lock-the-bedroom door Back To Love series. The track posted below for you guys, No Halo‘s ’09 romp, “What Is This Feeling,” is another fiery cut taken from one of their best compilations, simply titled, The Mix. Get to werk….

2.Their grooves will take you on a trip around the music globe…and then some.

Since its launch in ’99, Hed Kandi has developed greatly from holding boutique parties to eventually staging more than 500 shimmering events annually worldwide. (That’s a lot of dancing.) The label hosts a buffet of residences around the music globe–Dubai, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Thailand, UK, and even in the U.S. They’ve also hosted events at renowned global venues such as Es Paradis Ibiza, Nikki Beach Miami, Pacha London, and the Muziekgebouw Concert Hall in Amsterdam. Pass the Hed Kandi music dutch, please….we’re ready to groove all over this disco globe.

3.Their latest compilation is an island dance dream come true….

Hot off the summer music press, the luscious label has just released their latest set, Tropical House, which is the perfect mix of vacation vibes laced with a deep, sun-kissed flow. From its windswept start to its breezy finish, there’s not a song on the set that won’t take you away to an island music fantasy far, far away. From remixes of hits by Lana Del Ray, Sam Feldt, Mobin Master, Aviccii and many, many more, if you’re looking to truly escape from it all this summer, this is the compilation for you. Grab an umbrella-laced cocktail, relax and press play…then get the album right here

4.Their babe-alicious album covers……

Another piece of the delightful Kandi puzzle is that all of their compilation albums are known for their bright, beautiful, um, colors. The records are generally recognizable by their illustrations of a female or females dancing/clubbing/on the beach/hanging with Molly, which are always brightly accompanied by Hed Kandi‘s globally known logo and album name. If you’re still not convinced, check out some of their hottest illustrated ladies below while getting lost in some more oceanic summer grooves…

5.Because it’s summer….and Philly Mixtape’s not playing around…..

As Mixtape has been letting everyone know, this summer we promise not to mess around with your summer music pleasure. Because, really, how can you truly live that ocean swept life without the perfect grooves to not only lift you up, but are also perfect for when you’re trying to figure out where this funkdafied road of life will take you. We can promise you that we will be here to fulfill all of your summer music needs….and Hed Kandi is just the start of all of the music truth that will be getting served up for you groovy guys and gals all bikini-and-stilettos season long. Enjoy!!



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