Mixtape Music News/Music Video Edition

1.Lil’ Mama/”Sausage”


2.Katharine McPhee/”Lick My Lips”

Earlier this week, Mixtape fell in love with Ms. McPhee’s bright new ditty, no doubt making it the jam of the week. With its Grease vibes, hot boys and Cherry Pie for days, you will also fall in love with first watch and listen. Add this one to your summer playlists right away.

3.Beyonce/”Single Ladies”/Duck Tales Version

This really needs no explanation….

4.Aviici/”Waiting for Love”

They say that one door closes, many more open. That theory holds very true in Aviici‘s mesmerizing clip. 

5.Hilary Duff/”Sparks”

Those Ms. Duff fans sure can be demanding sometimes….. #realtitle

6.Bonnie McKee/”Bombastic”

Another one you just have to watch. 

7.Little Mix/”Black Magic”

Corny? Yes. Catchy as all summer music hell? Absolutely.

8.The Weeknd/”The Hills”

A stunning new clip from The Weekend, for your um, weekend. 

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