Weekend Summer Groove/Katy Perry/”California Gurls”/Manhattan Clique Rewerk

Here we are, everyone! The end of another fabulous week–and what a smokin’ hot week it was! To keep those warm, wet and wild music temps up, you’re about to get served with the bubbly Manhattan Clique rewerk of Ms. Katy’sCalifornia Gurls.” But, before we get to that, be sure to check back with us next week for all the music truth you can handle, including an action-packed Must Listen Monday, a local 5 reasons why┬ámusic case, and kicking off the week, we will be dedicating the Mixtape Music News all for a diva who is getting ready to strike back in the summer music scene any day now. And no, unfortunately, it’s not Adele….yet. Have a great weekend, everyone! Werk. What it’s all about.


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