15 Classic Paula Abdul Singles

There are many fabulous things to be musically said about the lovely, Ms. Paula Abdul. For one, on the heels of Madonna‘s mid-’80s mega success, many dance-pop divas tried to achieve the same global superstar status, but out of them all, Paula was indeed the only one who sustained a healthy music career. And two, she better werk….

After her non-stop energy and choreography charisma caught the eye of music executives, Paula left her spot as head choreographer and dancer for the L.A. Laker Girls and was hired as an assistant dance director on the Jackson 5‘s Victory tour, which then led her to schooling their kid sister Janet Jackson on moves for her Control era videos. Because of the dazzling werk she served up in Ms. Janet‘s timeless clips, Paula became a quickly sought-after choreographer, where she went on to lend her dance capabilities to The Tracy Ullman Show, as well as mixing up moves for videos by ZZ Top, Duran Duran, the Pointer Sisters, and many, many others. Soon after, Paula jumped into the studio to record her debut set, Forever Your Girl, and as we all know, the rest is pure delightful music history.

Over her three decades entertaining us (which we all know she most certainly has. #HeyPaula), Paula has had plenty of multiplatinum success, put up with Simon Cowell and Nigel Lythgoe, as well as giving us a music catalogue to last a lifetime. While she has also endured personal fights and battles as well, there’s one thing about Paula that most certainly still holds true after all of these years–she puts plenty of pride in whatever creative project she takes on….and these 15 classic singles prove exactly that. Go on, Ms. Paula.

“Knocked Out”

This punchy groove was actually Paula’s first radio release, but it wasn’t quite a knockout on the charts…but, then…..

“Straight Up”

…..this happened. Hey, Arsenio! 

“Forever Your Girl”

Forever yours, Ms. Paula. 

“Cold Hearted”

Bob Fosse +Paula=yas.

“The Way That You Love Me”

An underrated Paula ditty at its very best…

“Opposites Attract”

At one time….there was this video….that featured an animated cat….

“Rush, Rush”

A pre-‘Speed’ Keanu Reeves… still our early-’90s hearts…

“The Promise of a New Day”

Her sixth and final chart topper….but still one of her more underrated gems. 

“Blowing Kisses in the Wind”

Cross our music hearts…..

“Will You Marry Me?”

Her music proposal to then boyfriend, Emilio Estevez. How can we ever forget? 


We still don’t know exactly what Vibeology means….

“My Love Is For Real”

When’s the last time you thought of Paula’s summer groove from ’95?

“Crazy Cool”

There was this video….with Ms. Abdul riding a mechanical bull…..spilling champagne on herself….

“Ain’t Never Gonna Give You Up”

Sexy, slinky and jazzy…

“Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow”

Anyone remember Randy Jackson’s Music Club? Anyone? 





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