Philly Pride Groove of the Day/C&C Music Factory/”Just a Touch of Love”

There are really no music words to describe the feeling that drapes over you once C&C Music Factory’s “Just a Touch of Love” begins kissing your headphones. Between its graceful organ intro, classic ’90s deep dance beat mixed to perfection with Ms. Zelma James‘ vocals, the sensual sonnet will remain a cherished treasure in music vaults everywhere. But, besides being a pulsating piece of dance art, C&C’s tune is all wrapped in good old fashioned pride prowess. With lyrics that deal with keeping faith in love when the chips are down, the message laced throughout the tune is simple–a little touch of love is really all we need to make this crazy world go around.

However…..another fierce element about “Just a Touch of Love,” is that it will forever take us back to the classic ’92 film, Sister Act, straight to the scene where the fabulous nuns of St. Katherine’s convent (except Mother Superior, of course) linked up with Ms. Mary Clarence to put in that werk to get the church back on its glorious feet–through the power of music pride. The classic scene is indeed one of the best parts of the film (Double Dutch, anyone?), but the fact that it’s set to C&C’s pride anthem for the ages will certainly give everyone that rainbow tingle all over for all of music eternity. 

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