Philly Mixtape Pride Tea w/Satine Harlow & Brooklyn Ford

If there are any drag divas who live that sister-from-another-mister life to the fullest, it’s certainly the talented Brooklyn Ford and Satine Harlow. Since Ms. Harlow stole Ms. Ford’s wigs a few years back, the two have remained joined at the hip pads, and tonight, along with the extraordinary Honey Davenport, the two gals will take their sister act to A.C. at the Borgata for its OUT event, for what’s sure to be a fierce night full of gay pride, ratchet comedy and explosive beats, which will be served up by NYC‘s DJ Escape.

Before the two ladies terrorize, err, entertain the rainbow flag waving masses down the shore, they were gracious enough (well, not Satine, of course.) to stop by Philly Mixtape to spill some pride tea, where they revealed their favorite rainbow anthems, spilled some secrets about each other, and dished out as to what everyone can expect from the shimmering event tonight. Now, keep in mind we are spilling with Ms. Harlow, and you know that’s always an NSFW good time. Get to werk with these fabulous Philly drag bitches below…

PMKicking our little pride spillage off, both of you gals in your own fabulous words tell everyone about what they can expect from the Out at Borgata event tonight? 

SH-Hello everyone! What you can expect from Out at the Borgata is me heavily intoxicated, dressed as Katy Perry charging 50 cents for hand jobs in the bathroom or two hands for a dollar. Meanwhile, Brooklyn Ford will be at the buffet waiting for fresh crab legs…

BF-It’s gonna be an amazing time! What’s better than great music, fab drinks and sickening drag queens?!! God only knows what’s gonna happen so make sure your there to help us remember the next day!

PMEach of you spill a little secret about the other…

BF-Satine’s actually really nice…but she will never tell you that…

SH-She’s a man. Shocking….I know. 

PMWhat does the word pride mean to the both of you? 

BF-Pride is about people coming together from all walks of life and celebrating the lgbt culture! Not just gay but straight as well as everything in between!

SHPride to me means sweating, Jameson, waterproof mascara, and semen. That sums it up right?

PMWhat are your favorite pride anthems?

SH-I would definitely have to say “Love The Way You Lie” by Eminem featuring Rihanna.

BF-“Fuck Me” by Wendy Ho! The video is out now!

PMOne more rainbow spill, what fabulous words would you to say to someone who right this second decided to take a Jimmy Choo heel step out of the closet? 

BF-Be you! It’s 2015 and there aren’t many closets anymore!!!!

SHGet to Club Philly and start practicing your d@#k sucking skills…oh, and don’t EVER use Anal Ease lube. Trust me, water colors belong on a canvas and not on Egyptian cotton sheets. HAPPY PRIDE EVERYONE!

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