Independent Diva Groove of the Day/Kelly Clarkson/”Miss Independent”

Keeping on with your explosive playlist of independent divas as we get ready to commemorate the 4th of July this weekend, today Philly Mixtape is serving up “Miss Independent,” by the one-and-only, Ms. Kelly Clarkson. Cooked up as the lead single from her ’03 debut set, Thankful, the blaring pop number was written by Clarkson, Rhett Lawrence, Matt Morris and Ms. Christina Aguilera. Kelly’s top 10 hit was actually supposed to accompany Xtina‘s ’02 Stripped set, but due to the fact that it wasn’t finished in time to be on her album, it ended up going to Clarkson instead–and we’re all so glad it did. Not only did the cheeky pop ditty, um, break away the songstress from the Simon Cowell/A.I. music mold, but it indeed proved that she had chart staying power following the smash #1 debut of her winning single, “A Moment Like This.” Also, its theme of fierce diva self-sufficiency would continue to be a trend in all of the diva’s music following;further establishing her as the go-to chanteuse for when you really need a dose of that pop music life….that actually makes you think. Go on, Ms. Kelly

Plus, its accompanying video is always a romping good time…

Pass the summer music dutch….




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