Mixtape Music News/Music Video Edition

Calvin Harris/The Disciples/”How Deep Is Your Love”

Sadly, Mr. Harris isn’t rockin’ his Armani skivvies, but the sun-soaked clip is still worth every bit of your music while.

Matt Nathanson/”Gold In The Summertime”

The indie-crooner strikes all sorts of summer gold struttin’ the streets of NYC in his latest visual offering. 

Randy Houser/”We Went”

Looking to put a little country music twang into your weekend? Look no further than the latest offering from Randy Houser, which features all sorts of down home drama. Giddy-up. 

5 Seconds of Summer/”She’s Kinda Hot” 

Ready…set…shut up and swoon for 5 Seconds of Summer’s latest video. 

Britney Spears/”Pretty Girls”/Live In Las Vegas…

….without Ms. Azalea. Enough said. 

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band/The Daily Show

The legendary rocker says goodbye to the infamous talk-show host. And it’s everything you thought it would be. 

Spice Girls/”2 Become 1″

Because the impending news of the gals upcoming 20th anniversary tour is making us crazy. And because it’s Friday. 




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