Mixtape Music News/Sunday Evening Edition

1. Miley Cyrus throws major music shade towards Taylor Swift in Marie Claire…

Let the music hoops holding begin–it looks like there might be some, um, “Bad Blood” boiling between Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

In a recent music tea with Marie Claire, Cyrus broke a few shade-y tea mugs talking about Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video, which features the pop star’s character Catastrophe violently destroying her enemies.

“I don’t get the violence revenge thing,” Cyrus told Philly Mixtape’s avorite mag. “That’s supposed to be a good example? And I’m a bad role model because I’m running around with my titties out? I’m not sure how titties are worse than guns.”

Uh-oh. While Taylor has yet to respond to Miley’s music shade, we can most likely expect the “Style” diva to write a lil’ song about it, because as we all know, that’s her thing. Perhaps this will lead to the inspiration to a ‘1989’ follow up? Only Taylor time will tell.

Stay tuned.

2.Are there some postmortem beats coming from Aaliyah? 

August 25th will mark fourteen years since R&B goddess Aaliyah and eight others were killed in a place crash in the Bahamas. While that date always marks a sad day in the music world, there may be a silver lining as long-time Aaliyah producer and bestie, Timbaland, broke news on his Instagram about some unrelated music from the fallen “One in a Million” diva.

In his post, Timbo had this to say after being asked if there was indeed new music on the way.

“Well the answer is YES!!!!!!!!” the famed producer and rapper confirmed. He also added that a “sneak peek” of the new ‘Liyah grooves is coming soon and included a picture of the diva’s face in a bed of white clouds.

Miss you, boo.

3.Iggy Azalea’s second album is in the works…again.

With social media shutdowns, failed singles and a canceled tour, the music struggle for Iggy Azalea has certainly been real this year. Now, it looks as if things may be turning around for the diva-from-down-under- as the “Fancy” bitch dropped several new details about her next album in a series of tweets sent out to her fans yesterday.

It was reported that the “Pretty Girls” spitstress checked in from the studio to provide a positive status update about the upcoming release, confirming that she’s already done recording six new songs. She also noted that the new album would be a much shorter length that its predecessor, The New Classic, and that a new single would be released early next year.

Do you thinks she can retain her chart status? If not, at least she gave us “Fancy.” You know you still like it.

4.Ice Cube and his son spill ‘Compton’ tea….

Straight outta Mixtape….you hear it first.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. the son of legendary rapper, Ice Cube, was set on portraying his father in the upcoming new flick,  Straight Outta Compton. But the two-year audition process certainly wasn’t an easy road for Jackson to travel down. But lucky for him, he is already Cube’s spitting image, and early reviews of the film suggest that he’s got his father’s mannerisms down as cold as Ice.

The buzzworthy film, which captures the explosive rupture of iconic rap group, N.W.A., is also O’Shea’s acting debut, and judging from the looks of it, we can bet it certainly won’t be his last.

The dynamic father/son duo sat down side-by-side and spilled all the ‘Compton’ tea with the Associated Press, including Cube’s review of his son in the role, in which he says, “He owned it.”

Check out the full interview right by clicking here.

5.Meryl Strep takes on Lady Gaga…

It’s the forty-five time Oscar winner singing “Bad Romance” as part of her just released film, Ricky and the Flash.

Does it really need an explanation?

6.What’s Spotify up to now?

Spotify is up to something…again. 

Could the streaming service be readying to offer premium-only content in the near future?

In a recent published report in Digital Music News, it’s been confirmed that the popular music streaming service is looking to make certain releases available only to paying members or offered for a hot music minute to non-paying users.

In fact, Spotify recently tested this model with Muse’s new 10-minute track, “The Globalist,” which is serving as the lead single from their upcoming set, Drones. Muse’s new banger is only available to paying Spotify subscribers.

Sources also told DMN that the rollout of premium-only content on Spotify could begin early next year.

Both Warner Bros. and Sony declined to comment on the music matter, and Universal Music hadn’t responded to Billboard’s request for comment at time the news was published.

Stay tuned for more details on this one, kids.


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