Madonna Summer Groove of the Day/”Celebration”

Serving as the lead single from her third greatest hits set of the same name, “Celebration” was cooked up by Madonna and legendary turntable genius, Paul Oakenfold.  Released in late-summer of ’09, the electro-ditty was a moderate hit on the radio, also going on to earn a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording the following year. Its accompanying remixes also took over dance floors across the globe, earning the Material Girl another #1 beat bundle of chart-topping remixes. 

The video for “Celebration” used the Benny Benassi retelling of the song and portrayed Madonna and her tour dancers all getting lost in the dance of music life. There’s also of appearances along the way that include Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, and Madonna’s boy toy at the time. model Jesus Luz. #ForgotAboutFriday

But the main reason that the Queen of Pop’s late-career dance tune is just so delicious is because of the cheeky spoken word bridge that she delivers mid way:

‘Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?
You look familiar
You wanna dance?
I guess I just don’t recognize you with your clothes on
(that laugh)
What are you waiting for??

Pretty much sums it all up, now doesn’t it? 


Come join the music party…


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