Mixtape Music News/Divas Edition

1.Did Lady Gaga just drop her heavy metal wedding plans?

Lady Gaga is on fire this week…

Earlier this week, the “Bad Romance” diva shared pictures of a red dyed pool party she threw for her upcoming AHS:Hotel co-stars, yesterday she served us with a heart breaking new ballad, “‘Till It Happens To You,” and now the singer is serving up different bridal looks (she’s engaged to stud Taylor Kinney) on the cover of the CR Fashion Book, alongside the tease “The singer marries into our CR family.”

Showcasing the pictorial as “her first-ever completely un-retouched cover story” the magazine has high regard for Gaga, going on to say, “her originality, her boldness, and her ability to help us celebrate our own oddness and eccentricities through music.”

Check out Gaga’s sexy, heavy metal inspired bridal pics right here.

2.Janet teases us with another new song and confirms album title!!!

Be still our Janet hearts on this fine Thursday….

After delivering the summer-ysexual, laid-back “No Sleeep” groove a few months ago, Ms. Jackson is teasing us with a second song from her upcoming album…and get ready…it’s a dance ditty! 

Wonderfully titled “The Great Forever,” Ms. Janet uploaded a 24-second snip of the upcoming tantalizing tune and shared a pic of the lyrics as well. The coveted lyric sheet also seems to confirm suspicions that her album is indeed called Unbreakable, which isn’t surprising to fans since that’s also the name of her hotly anticipated world tour.

With strong shades of brother Michael, and that elusive Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis touch, it sounds like “The Great Forever” could be a big smash for our girl. 

Try to contain yourself and click here to listen. 

3.Mariah Carey isn’t quite fond of reality T.V. stars, dah-ling

All Philly Mixtape can say about this is….

“Some people’s goal is to be famous, not to have a craft or an art that they’re famous for. Today, you can be famous just from being on a reality…well, doing… you don’t really have to do much, but you kinda gotta do a lot,” the “Loverboy” singer said during a press event in Israel. “And then your whole life is just about being a celebrity and that’s what some people aspire to, because it’s easy and because then everybody knows them and all they see is the bright side of fame.”

Which brings us right to her classic episode of MTV Cribs.

That’s all.

4.Kelly Clarkson is expecting again!! 

Kelly Clarkson has another music bun-in-the-oven, y’all! 

The first season American Idol diva stopped her performance at the Staples Center overnight to let fans in on her pitter-pattering little secret.

While performing “Piece by Piece,” Clarkson stopped the band and told the audience: “I was not planning on announcing this, but I’m totally pregnant.” of course, cheers and tears soon followed.

This will be Clarkson’s second with her husband Brandon Blackstock. The perky duo welcomed the arrival of a baby girl, River Rose, last June. Ms. Clarkson is currently on tour in support of her Piece by Piece, set, will touch down in Philly on Sept 20th.

Watch Clarkson’s emotional announcement below.



5.Demi Lovato opens up to E! News about body issues….and it’s her birthday! 

By now, we’ve all seen Demi Lovato’s sexy  “Cool For The Summer” video looks, which are complete with eye-popping bathing suits, neon “Cool” heels and acrylic tips for days. The shimmering diva is owning the cover of Cosmopolitan this month, and it’s clear that Ms. Thing loves working her sexy curves. But, as we know, it hasn’t always been that way for the ear drum shattering diva. 

The singer recently opened up about her stunning Cosmo cover to E! News, telling the entertainment network that it was less about showing off her body and more of where she is with her newly reformed self-confidence. 

“It took so much for me to get a place where I would feel comfortable enough to do that,” Lovato told E!. “If anything, it’s showing all of my fans who know my story and my journey that I’ve gone from hating every inch of my body to doing a photo shoot in my underwear in front of the entire world. That’s more of statement to me than just looking sexy on a magazine cover…it’s so important for me to show people that.”

You better werk, Ms. Lovato. 

Also, Demi turns 23 today, so Philly Mixtape can’t think of a better time to pump “Cool For The Summer” through the speakers for the one-millionth time this summer! Happy birthday, Ms. Demi! 

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