VMA Performance of the Day/Britney Spears/”Satisfaction”/”Oops..I Did It Again”

Let’s get this VMA party started, shall we?

Imagine a VMA world without Ms. Britney Spears. Quite frankly, it just wouldn’t be the same. Ever since she graced the stage in ’99 for her first-ever appearance (remember when she went dress shopping with Serena Altschul?), Brit Brit has dominated that coveted VMA stage. Whether she was locking lips with Madonna, dancing with a python or just being there, there’s no need to argue that Britney knows how to make the MTV’s annual award show her bitch. 

But indeed it was her “Oops” performance in 2000 that caused the most stir, you know, that time she had all of us clutching our music pearls by literally serving us with a striptease on stage while performing the Rolling Stones‘ “Satisfaction,” which led her right into that fiery “Oops” performance that we will never forget. While cooing her way through the Stones’ smash, it certainly happened-our girl ripped off her tux (she was 18 at the time) to display that nude two-piece getup and bulldozed her way through her trademark ’00 tune. 

While the 2000 VMAs were memorable for many reasons (hey, Christina and Fred!), it was Britney’s fiery presence that made the show that much more fabulous and no doubt helped cement her into the Las Vegas ruling pop icon that she is today. 

Ready… la la la la la la…




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