Halloween Tea w/ Ashley Coleman

If you didn’t get a chance to revel in Ms. Ashley Coleman’s delightfully bubbly personality while she served up delicious cocktails at former lesbian bar, Sisters, you certainly know her from being that upstairs bar diva at Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar. These days, the lovely gayborhood goddess has been keeping very busy working hard to be an avid crusader for Philly’s LGBT community with her red-hot events company, bASh Events, in which she will host her highly anticipated Freak Show event at Tabu just in time to make all of your Saturday night Halloween dreams come true. 

Philly Mixtape got the esteemed chance to break some Halloween tea mugs with Ms. Coleman, and she spilled on all of the Freak Show happenings, including which incredible local performers will be owning the stage tomorrow night, and whether or not this Freak Show has any reminiscence to Ms. Jessica Lange’s led AHS Freak Show…and the answer may surprise you.

The time to show some local events love to the one-and-only Ms. Ashley Coleman is…right now. 

PM-Kicking off our little Halloween spillage, spill for everyone what Circus Freak is all about….

AC-Wow, where to start? There are so many exciting things! Circus Freak is at Tabu on Halloween. It’s an event that I’m throwing for the William Way Center. I really wanted to have an event where the price is accessible because it’s Halloween and there are already so many options. So, tickets are just $5 dollar pre-sale and $7 at the door, or $5 at the door if you’re in full costume! It includes free food and passed around hors d’oeuvres. We’re also doing suggestion shots where everything of what you pay goes directly to William Way. Absolut is also one our sponsors and we have special cocktails, which includes the Absolut Clown Car, which is basically the bartender grabbing whatever flavors of Absolut and they’re going to throw them in your drink! We’re also doing a costume contest at midnight, too! It should all be very interesting, fun and we get to give back, which is the best part! 

PM-Now, this event actually coincides as part of your red-hot bASH Events planning company. Spill for everyone a little bit about that as well..

AC-I started bASH events as a community forward event company. Meaning, I don’t take any profits from the events except to cover overhead and that’s it. I give everything else to charity. It’s bringing the community together and especially since we don’t have a lesbian place anymore, it’s a good way for me to bring to bring everybody together. You know, we don’t have a lot of opportunities to get dressed and gussied up, so that’s what it’s really all about! I have to say, things have been really good with it, too. We’ve done the gay prom the last two years, so that will be an annual event. We also have a super secret speakeasy event coming up called Lock & Key that will feature some really lounge-y jazz performers. It’s going to be sexy and really, really fun. 

PM-I’m guessing that it’s a top-secret location? 

AC-Yes! You guys will find out soon enough! 

PM-Now, back to sippin’ about Circus Freak. I hear there’s going to be lots of tricks and treats served up for everyone tomorrow night…

AC-Absolutely! We have The Goddess Isis performing two numbers and also the return of The Notorious OMG! It truly is going to be a Freak Show. Mr. Sean Green will be playing the lira. Burlesque queen Mas O Kiss will be singing live on point and be taking her clothes off at the same time! It’s going to be out of control. I don’t want to say too much, but I promise that there will be quite a few surprises along the way. 

PM-Now, if you had to pick just one Halloween song to listen to for the rest of your spooky life, which one would it be? 

AC-Let’s see. It definitely would not be “Monster Mash,” I’ve heard that one enough. One Halloween song, that’s a tough one. There’s not really one that stands out, maybe if Mariah revamped “All I Want for Christmas” and did a Halloween version…that could be something! 

PM-So, bottom line, is Freak Show going to be similar to Ms. Jessica Lange’s led AHS Freak Show

AC-Defintely not! This show is going to be a lot sexier and a lot less bloody! Halloween is our gay high holiday! It’s our day! 

For all of the Freak Show truth, go right here.…if you dare. 


Track-by-Track Truth/RuPaul/’Slay Belles’

Since owning international fame with her smash single, “Supermodel (You Better Work)”, there’s no denying that Ms. RuPaul is just that bitch. Since beginning her reign in the early ’90s, the famed Drag Race diva has werked with Elton John (their rewiring of “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart” is absolutely classic), has become a spokesperson for MAC Cosmetics, landed a short-lived talk show on VH1, and has become a widely regarded author of two books, Lettin It All Hang Out and Workin’ It. And we just can’t leave out her small roles in the ’90s films, Crooklyn, The Brady Bunch Movie, But I’m a Cheerleader, and of course, To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar. You betta werk, Ms. Ru. 

But besides making household names of drag queens all over the world and owning our attention with every move she makes, it’s no secret that Ms. Ru loves to make music. The ultimate drag mother has put out nine records over the years, including her latest, Slay Belles, which is her second holiday werk after 1997’s delightfully titled, Ho, Ho, Ho.

Now, is Ru’s latest holiday offering going to dethrone Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas set as being the greatest Christmas album of all time? Most likely not. But is Slay Belles a joyful record that’s filled with icy disco beats and grooves that will stuff your Christmas stocking? Absolutely. A fun music ride, Slay Belles is an album that werks hard in showcasing that Ms. RuPaul hasn’t lost her sassy music touch one bit, even two decades later. 

RuPaul says it best in her autobiography, Lettin It All Hang Out-“You can call me he. You can call me she. You can call me Regis and Kathie Lee; I don’t care! Just as long as you call me.” And when it comes to Slay Belles, all the Marys in the music world will be calling and caroling to it all holiday season long. 

Don that gay apparel and strut it out to Philly Mixtape’s Track-By-Track of Ru’s Slay Belles below. 

“Merry Christmas, Mary” 

The title pretty much sums it all up on top of a disco groove that only Ru can werk. 

“Christmas Is About Love”

…and being a fierce bitch, of course. 

“From Your Heart” 

RuPaul and her bestie Michelle Visage on one track equals holiday bliss. 

“You’re the Star(On My Christmas Tree)”

Looking for the perfect song to decorate your tree to this year? You’ve tucked in the right place. 

“My Favorite Holiday” 

An ’80s Christmas throwback groove at its very Madonna-ist. 

“Christmas Cookies” 

A ’60s inspired groove about tasting Ru’s cookies? Priceless.

“Jingle Dem Bells”

Watch out because your gay Christmas party is about to get real krunk when this one trots on. 

“Nothing for Christmas” 

Sass up and listen why this is Philly Mixtape’s favorite track on the album. 


“Deck the Halls” 

Your holiday wish has been granted–iTodrick Hall and RuPaul are together on one festive number. 

“Brand New Year” 

Now that you’ve hung your stocking with Ru, spend your New Year with her, too…abd Ms. Siedah Garret, too! 






Friday Music Video Truth

Before you slip into your costumes this weekend, put those spectacles on and glance at the latest music videos from MØ, The 1975, Seinabo Sey, Kendrick Lamar, and one Ms. Ariana Grande who is working that bleached up ponytail and then some in the hot new video her latest single, “Focus.” 


Ariana Grande/”Focus” 

Ms. Ariana and that ponytail are back. Enough said. 

The 1975/”Love Me” 

David Bowie inspired music video realness on a Friday…and just in time for Halloween


It’s time to go for a Fast and Furious road trip with Ms. MØ the video for her Diplo assisted number. 

Seinabo Sey/”Poetic”

One word-flawless. A must watch right now. 

Kendrick Lamar/”These Walls” 

This f$%king crazy mini-movie by Mr. Lamar will have you searching everywhere for your music video life. 


How did this one get on here? Wait, we know.