5 Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now/TBT Edition

Throwback Thursdays are certainly that day of the music week where the most groove truth lives on…

Let classic (and sometimes forgotten about) records by Garbage, Missy Elliot, Tom Petty, Destiny’s Child, and the Unbreakable diva herself, Ms. Janet Jackson, make all of your #TBT music dreams come true. 


Do you remember the first time you laid your eyes on ginger rock queen Shirley Manson twenty years ago?

Hard to believe, but Garbage’s miraculous self-titled debut is now two decades old. But lucky for us, each of the Butch Vig produced numbers still sound as delightfully moody and murky as they did back then. From start to finish, there’s not a hard, yet somehow easy hitting track on the set, including singles “Vow,” “Queer,” “Stupid Girl” and “Only Happy When It Rains,” a track that to this day still remains everyone’s favorite rainy day anthem.,

Sorry, RiRi, but Ms. Manson was here first.

Missy Elliot/Under Construction

Throwback Thursdays just simply wouldn’t exist without a little Missy, especially the throwback gems that get to work on her ’02 Grammy grabbing Under Construction set.

Album singles, “Work It,” “Gossip Folks,” “Pussycat” and “Take Away,” (miss you, Liyah) always get the M-I-double S-Y E job done, as well as the Method Man assisted (and Biggie sampling)  “Bring the Pain,” and the Jay Z co-starring “Back in the Day,” which will always gets the British Knights music party started.

Destiny’s Child/The Writing’s on the Wall

Since the music news broke that Beyoncé Knowles father, Matthew, is teaching another class on how to be that superstar like his daughter, another round of Destiny’s Child’s ’99 set, The Writing’s on the Wall, is absolutely necessary.

Besides the late ’90s Darkchild truth that lies in singles, “Bills, Bills, Bills,” “Say My Name,””Jumpin,’ Jumpin'” and “Bug-a-Boo,” album cuts “Hey Ladies,” “Temptation,” and the winning, “So Good,” always make for a Tina Knowles worthy DC music time.

All served with a side of “thou shall not think you got it like that,” of course. 

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers/Greatest Hits 

If there’s one rocker whose created music that’s perfect for any fall music TBT occasion, it’s Mr. Tom Petty and his merry band of Heartbreakers.

Their ’93 Greatest Hits set has all the old school rock truth you could ever want, including the classics, “Free Fallin,'” “I Won’t Back Down,” “American Girl,” “Refugee” and “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.”

Pass the Tom Petty music dutch, please.

Janet/20 Y.O. 

Musically sandwiched in between 2004’s Damita Jo (which followed “Nipplegate”) and ’08’s Discipline, (her last album before her hot,  just released Unbreakable set) 20 Y.O is a Janet album that tends to get lost in the shuffle.

Now, is it her best studio effort? Not exactly, but the old school Janet flavor just flows in tracks like “Show Me,” “Get It Out Me,” “This Body” and lead single “So Excited,” which brings the dance heat with its balls-y breakbeat and timeless sample of Herbie Hancock’s scratch-alicious “Rockit” record. 

Pure Janet bliss. 





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