Track-by-Track Truth/Demi Lovato/’Confident’

In case you didn’t know...Demi Lovato really knows how to shatter some windows. 

Seriously, the former Camp Rock diva girl really knows how to belt it out to the fullest. Most likely, everybody already knows this fact and well, that’s pretty much the only thing you’re going to keep with you after getting lost in her fifth record, Confident, which hits headphones today.

Kicking off armed and ready with the one, two punch of the title track and the cherry pop-licious, “Cool for the Summer,” the high-strung beats of those bouncy tunes (which there should’ve been more of because the pop music fluff side of Demi has been quite delightful) fade down to a somber collection of mid-tempo grooves and powerhouse ballads that sometimes sound like continuations of her earlier hits like “Skyscraper” and “Heart Attack,” much less anything fresh and fierce. 

But the one goal that Ms. Lovato certainly accomplished with this record is that she certainly proves she’s now a young woman free from Disney (in which Selena Gomez tried to do the same thing last week with her Revival record.#notquiteboo)  and full of confidence after working hard to recover from her struggles with an eating disorder. However, since Ms. Demi served us with the sexually candy coated clip for “Summer,” the roar of the title cut, and her recent eye-popping nude shoot for Vanity Fair, we sort of knew that already, leaving the album to take away from the intrigue that’s rocked our Demi Lovato worlds these past few months.

There might be quite a few new Demi grooves that will grab your ‘buds attention, but for the most part Confident is (once) again Ms. Demi proving that she knows how to sing her little heart out, only this time doing it with a new music swagger that doesn’t quite find its stride.

Check out Philly Mixtape’s full track-by-track truth of Demi Lovto’s Confident below. 


What’s wrong with loving the pumping title track? Absolutely nothing. 

“Cool for the Summer” 

This Max Martin produced wonder will forever have us tasting Demi’s music cherry not just in summer, but all year long. 

“Old Ways” 

Two words-third single. One listen to the dark, mid-tempo banger and you’ll know why. 

“For You” 

What do powerful ’80s synths and Demi’s powerhouse vocals have in common? They’re all here on an almost too much display. 

“Stone Cold” 

A stripped down piano driven ballad that showcases the more husker side of Demi’s vocal tone-but it doesn’t last for long.  

“Kingdom Come” 

This trap influenced tune could’ve worked a whole lot better if Ms. Azalea wasn’t involved. 

“Waitin For You”

Slinky, sexy, yas. 


A snoozy mid tempo misfire. 


The best song that Kelly Clarkson never did. Pop those eardrums, girl. Sigh…


Another not so Confident mid tempo music snooze. 


Demi’s gospel driven serenade dedicated to her deceased father will have you reaching for a Kleenex. 




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