Review:JoJo Reminded Us Last Night What It’s Like to Be a True Music Artist

I’ve been to quite a few concerts and shows in my music lifetime, but I don’t think I ever felt it more than I did when I watched JoJo own the stage at Coda last night. An energetic live set that was packed full of her older hits, “Leave, ” “Baby, It’s You” and “Too Little, Too Late,” (which all sound better than ever now) cruising into the mix tapes era (“Demonstrate”) and into all of the “tringle,” (“When Love Hurts”…sigh.), she took her oh, so thirsty audience on a ride, dropping F-bombs along the way and openly breaking music tea mugs about it all. And let’s talk about good she looked sporting fresh face, long wavy hair and a black bikini top paired with skin-tight jeans that gave all of us a run for our Teenage Dream money. 

Looking poised and exuding confidence, Ms. JoJo took control of her whole set, and although she had a few mic issues along the way, there wasn’t a moment that she didn’t live up to the sold out crowd’s expectations. Let’s talk about this crowd. There was just so many screams and shouts of “I love you JoJo’s” throughout the evening for the young pop diva (she’s 24 now). Keep in mind, these are the same fans who’ve stuck by her side throughout her industry struggles and you can see that JoJo truly soaked up their fine displays of affection. She herself displayed so much gratitude and love for the fans and was refreshing with her own “don’t give a fuck” attitude-and that was the best part. Clearly, JoJo’s here for the music and to be an artist, plain and simple. With the incredible diva demure she displayed last night, you could tell that she’s ready for anything at this point in her career. 

Of course, true highlights from the night included, well, all of it, but there were three true shining moments of the night that stood out above the rest. The first was when she took Sylvester’s classic disco tune, “Mighty Real,” and turned it into a sexy, slowed down R&B jam that only Ms. JoJo could deliver. It was everything. Speaking of covers that only JoJo could pull off, that moment when an audience member starred spitting out the words to SWV’s “Weak” (Ms. Thing covered it years ago), our girl quickly joined in and reminded us for the millionth time last night that she is just that diva. 

But the true highlight of the night went down after the young starlet popped back on for an encore (after the crowd nearly brought the house down with their “JoJo” chants…seriously..she’s got an army) and destroyed it once again with a new song, “I Am,” from her upcoming album.(!) Breathlessly finishing up, she humbly thanked the crowd quite a few more times and reminded us once more that she’s now a confident young woman who’s on her way to truly just getting started with her music artistry.

While we may not know what happens next in her career, if last night proved anything, it’s that she’s got fans who will follow her for a lifetime wherever she goes. 

Check out my full interview with Ms. JoJo right here.

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