20 Observations of the Year in Music 2015/Part 2

In round two of Philly Mixtape’s 2015 year in music observations…..Taylor Swift destroyed Instagram and friendships with her #squadgoals…your mom fell in love with Justin Bieber again….all those comeback divas owned our 2015 music lives……tropical house music delightfully turned our frowns upside down all year long……and then there’s Azealia Banks. 

1.So many comeback divas……

Madonna! Adele! Janet! Missy! It seemed like everywhere we turned this year, there was another one our cherished divas striking back to claim her comeback throne. While no diva comeback was as (literally) earth shattering as Ms. Adele’s wild ride back to the top, each one our beloved music goddesses certainly earned her big ass gold hoops in the ring this year, especially you, Ms. Missy. 

Early on, Madonna (finally) pounced with her twelfth studio album, Rebel Heart, and although her return to form was certainly a slippery stair in the beginning, the Material Girl’s accompanying Rebel Heart Tour has proved to be a huge hit, as well as many individuals performances of songs from the shows, including her heart wrenching take of “La Vie en Rose” that took place during a stop in Stockholm right after this year’s horrific Paris attacks. The Kleenex grabbing performance certainly proved that Madonna still knows how to soothe the world with her music, right when we need her the most. 

Ms. Janet’s comeback also proved successful, but of a much smaller scale being Ms. “If” mostly shied away from the spotlight (with appearance at this year’s BET Awards being the only time she popped up) but still snatched a sexy number one album, Unbreakable, and launched its successful accompanying world tour. This only further proved that wherever Janet goes, her fans will certainly follow. See you in February, boo. By the way, where’s that video for #BURNITUP with Missy? We’re waiting…

Speaking of Ms. Elliot, we’ll just say this, for those of you kids out there who had no idea who she was when she stole the show, oops, performed alongside Katy Perry and Left Shark at this year’s Super Bowl halftime extravaganza, you certainly know who she is now. #WTF 

If only Rihanna would’ve stopped fucking with Anti, Britney would’ve ditched Iggy Azalea altogether (because, “Pretty Girls”) and Gaga would’ve finally delivered a gleaming follow-up to her dismissed 2012 ArtPop set (let’s face it, AHS:Hotel isn’t doing her any justice…even with the Golden Globe nod), this would’ve been the year of all the comeback divas. (No shade to Cher, we all know she never leaves).

However, we’ll certainly take the ladies that had us checking our purses for our music lives in 2015, because let’s face it, this year just wouldn’t be the same without them. 

2.You (yes, you) fell in love with Justin Bieber again….

Speaking of comeback divas, looking back to this time last year, did you think ever think you would be all about the Biebs again just one year later? Because you most certainly are. In fact, the whole world is at this point. 

Kicking things off with an appearance in Tom Hanks,’ err, Carly Rae Jepsen’s video for “I Really Like You,” Bieber soon became besties with Jack U-aka Skrillex and Diplo–and cooked up “Where Are U Now,” which became an unstoppable summer smash hit for all artists involved. The island laced ditty not only helped in putting Bieber back on the music charts, but it also made us fall in love with “What Do You Mean?” and “Sorry,” two back-to-back #1 pop dance floor smashes from his current chart owning Purpose set. In fact, to date, Justin’s well received new record has already sold a million copies and isn’t looking to be slowing down anytime soon with his Purpose World Tour set to kick off at the top of next year. 

While Justin’s ride back to form wasn’t a smooth one–those Calvin Klein underwear ads! And does anyone really know why he cried after his performance at this year’s VMAs? Oh, yes, and there was also that time his dick pics leaked out and his father did make those bizarre comments. However, that’s just a, um, small part of what’s been a great music industry comeback story to tell for years to come, because make no mistake-the Biebs is back. But that’s all we’ve ever wanted in the first place, isn’t it? His fans–and most certainly some new ones–would certainly agree. 

3.Tropical house had us all living that hammock ready life this year….

While this year offered up a mixed bag of genres all over mainstream radio-pop, rock, R&B, Fetty Wap-there was no genre quite as 50 Shades dominant as the dance music genre of tropical house. From DJs Kygo (his fruity take on a-ha’s “Take On Me” is music life) Felix Jaehn (OMI’s “Cheerleader”) to anything Justin Bieber, tropical house just aimed for radio and succeeded in every way possible in having us sit back, relax and just…..let it all go.

Even more fabulous is that now that we’re heading into those dreaded winter months, the umbrella laced grooves of 2015 will sound even more delightful, especially the ones provided by UK dance label Hed Kandi on their whirling Tropical House set. One romp with this breezy record in your headphones, and you’ll think you’re in the Bahamas in no time. Let’s hope this robust music trend continues next year, because in today’s crazy a#s world, we could all use a little tropical house music to magically transport us into another dimension. 

4.Taylor Swift…..

……just didn’t stop. Pretty much all the way until Adele served us with “Hello” on October 23rd (act like you don’t know the date), Ms. Swift was just…everywhere. Whether it was snatching awards, owning the top spots on ALL Billboard charts (“Blank Space” is the #1 Billboard Hot 100 song of the year), rotating special #squadgoals music guests on stage during her box office destroying world tour, or becoming frenemies with Nicki Minaj, everyone’s favorite 1989 songstress just took the spotlight and made it her bitch. 

Now, back to those now infamous #squadgoals. Swift certainly set those standards high when she served us all with her heavily rotated video for “Bad Blood,” which featured a buffet of Taylor’s besties, including Selena Gomez, Lena Dunham and Hailee Seinfeld. This sudden trend of perfecting your “squad” not only drove every girl and gay to check their lives on Instagram, but it seemed to just never stop. However, now that there’s just a few days left in the year, the time is now to check your final #squadgoals life, because much like Swift’s 1989 record, it’s time to give it a much-needed rest next year. 

Hey, at least she’s got the best-selling album of 2015, right? On second thought….

5.Azaelia Banks just needs to shut the f#$k up and stop. 

No need to rehash all that drama, so, please, Ms. Banks, for the love of 2016…..just stop. 

Although this Barry Harris remix of “Ice Princess” will certainly do and then some. 


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