2015 Music Video Reel

Thanks to several music videos shattering records on Vevo this year (anything Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Major Lazer, and, oh yeah, Adele) and the unstoppable force of You Tube and all things social media, it’s safe to say that the music video is back after MTV killed it all those years ago once they took TRL off the air. 

Since our tastes are always so different, Andrew and I both put our year in music videos spectacles on and came up with six of our favorites, with just one of them making our common lists. Mr. Johns is up first for you guys, spilling it all in about “FourFiveSeconds” about his favorite music videos of 2015. 

Ready…set…Adele is not on any one of these lists. 

There were so many videos this year. Lots I never even got to (I’m looking at you Madonna, Miley, Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, Chris Cornell, Ade…okay Adele, I did get to you and your now infamous SNL Thanksgiving dinner). For all the ones I did check out, I saw a lot of dancing going on, a lot of animation and guess what? It was every bit refreshing. Sometimes we just want to be entertained on a screen for a few short moments, so from me to you…here are my top six picks for favorite music videos of 2015. 

6.Courtney Barnett/”Dead Fox”Animals driving over humans as if they’re road kill…really drives the point home with Courtney Barnett’s lyrics. Clever but also…pretty ridiculously graphic. Saturday morning cartoons gone wrong…

 5.Ezra Furman”Restless Year” Watch Ezra hang around the bay area as death follows him and he ends up transforming into a woman…

4.Major Lazer/DJ Snake/MØ/”Lean On” This video is grand and epic and beautiful in its simplicity and family-pact nature. While the lyric video is just as epic, we finally get to hang with Diplo and Mo on this one.

3.De Staat/”Witch Doctor” This video has been making a lot of lists overseas. For a band that sounds just like a Queens Of The Stone Age ripoff (I ain’t mad about it)…this video is as epic as a 300 film.

2.Bjork/”Black Lake” As mentioned in Spin, this YouTube clip doesn’t do this video justice. “Black Lake” was an installment piece at the MoMa in New York City. The audio was in 3D, you (as the audience member) stood with about 30 other people in a black room with two wide screens on either side. Bjork moved from one screen to the other,  each one showing where she moved to…at different perspectives. It was the next part that made my experience…being brought to a movie theater full of comfy red couches where you sat and watched every music video Bjork made. We laughed. We cried. We were disgusted. We had differing emotions. An audience…watching music videos…it was quite possibly the most unique communal experience I’ve ever had with art and music together. And that’s why this takes a spot on the list.

 1.Rihanna/”Four Five Seconds”
My pick for video of the year. All you need are 3 people who have no idea what they’re doing, a camera that features black and white, and millions of viewers trying to recreate it into Internet memes…myself and roommates included. Kanye’s mannerisms never get old.

Of course, my tastes in videos are a bit different (as is our taste in music, which makes it all werk), with some of my favorite divas (naturally) ruling my 2015 music video roost, and one DJ and diva who rewerked a ’90s classic this year and simply made it their own. Let my favorite music videos of 2015 get you below. 

6.Ciara/”Dance Like We’re Making Love” Can someone please explain why CiCi has stayed so underrated these past few years? After watching this sizzling video, you’ll be asking yourself the same question. Love those red Ray Bans, boo. 

5.Major Lazer/DJ Snake/MØ”Lean On” Mr. Johns said it best, Major Lazer’s visual offering for their monster offering, “Lean On,” is simply stunning and beautiful. 

4.Pia Mia/”Touch” Those dance moves, though…

3.Katharine McPhee/”Lick My Lips” 

Ms. McPhee’s cheeky video All wrapped up in handsomely slicked back gentlemen and cherry pie…lots and lots of cherry pie. 

2.Krystal Klear/Yasmin/”One Night Only” Demi Lovato/”Cool for the Summer” Both clips are loaded with ’80s neon lyfe and hair whipping for days. Do you really need anything else? 

1.Dave Aude/Jessica Sutta/”I’m Gonna Get U” Packed with so much ’90s nostalgia, it’s sort of ridiculous. Vogueing! Sheer backdrops! Fly Girl choreography! Kid N Play haircuts! It’s all here and so much more. Groove on with this one, Mr. Aude and Ms. Sutta. 



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