Throwback Thursday/Missy Elliot/’Miss E…So Addictive’

Break me off, show me what you got, cause I don’t want no one minute man.”

Not only are those words to live by, but they’re also the coveted lyrics spit out (in your face!) by the one-and-only Missy Elliot in “One Minute Man,” the glorious second single from her third album, Miss E…So Addictive. Earlier today, Philly Mixtape began serving up its 5 albums celebrating music milestones in 2016 list, and since Elliot’s magnetic record is celebrating its music quinceanera (fifteen) this year, the proper #TBT treatment was absolutely necessary. In fact, So Addictive is kicking off Philly Mixtape’s brand spankin new Throwback Thursday column, in which some of you groovy kids out there may be able to dive into. However, before we get to all of that, we’re going to grab a glass of Tropicana and musically x it out to my personal favorite TBT diva, Ms. Missy Elliot and her tingly third record, Miss E..So Addictive

Released in May 2001, the fifth-letter-of-the-alphabet drenched Miss E… So Addictive was led by the monstrous single, “Get Ur Freak On,” which quickly became a song that even your grandma is still gettin’ down to today. Thanks to Timbaland, who supplied all the beats for the whirling set, Ms. Elliot once again set the triple stacked bar high for having one hell of a chart busting single that indeed, like she says, shook the radio like it had a gun. With its Bhangra influences, one-of-a-kind flow (“copy written, so don’t copy me.” Work, Missy) and an accompanying video in which featured a (literally) head tossing Elliotand  takes us into a crazy f$%King world loaded with special guests (Da Brat! Ja Rule!) and hypnotic visuals that only she and director Dave Meyers know how to deliver. Even 15 years later, the video for Missy’s trademark spit is still considered light years ahead of its creative time.

“Freak” was followed up with singles, “One Minute Man,” (“welcome to the get ur freak on hotel”), the ballad, “Take Away” (miss you, ‘Liyah) and “4 My People,” a grimy club groove co-starring Philly’s own Eve which still gives off that special spinal tingle that only Ms. Missy knows how to serve up. It was also right around this time that Elliot was that bitch in the music production world, producing hits for pretty much everyone in the game, including Bubba Sparxx (“Ugly!”) and Lil Kim, Xtina, Mya, P!nk and Mr. Rocwilder on a little Moulin Rouge pop rewire called “Lady Marmalade.” Really, how can we ever forget?? No, no…that wasn’t a question.

There’s a reason why the critical response to the album was unanimously positive around the music globe and that it snatched up two Grammy Awards for “Get Ur Freak On” and the non-single “Scream a.k.a. Itchin'” for Best Rap Solo Performance and Best Female Rap Solo Performance–it’s just that fucking record. Not only did it help put our girl further on the music map, but the brilliance lying within would lead to Missy and Timbo to collaborate on follow-up, Under Construction, an album that made Ms. Elliot the workin’ it music legend she is today. 

So, now onto the TBT business….

Do you enjoy writing? Do you love all things music? Do you think you can write about your favorite album for days? (I personally know some of you out there absolutely can) If so, Philly Mixtape wants to make it all for you like Janet in our brand spankin’ new Throwback Thursday column, which is aiming to feature a rotating roster of fabulous guest columnists! 

So, all you have to do is have a favorite album (no matter what it is, you guys have heard what I listened to, there’s no shame in this music game) and be able to throw it back in about 500 words or so. It’s that simple! One of Philly Mixtape’s goals for year two is to keep spreading that music love, so we definitely want to hear from you and get our groove on to what you got! So, please, don’t be shy. All you have to do is go to Philly Mixtape‘s Facebook page right here and give us a shout if you want you to get your TBT music love out there for everybody! It’s that easy! 



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And may you forever and always work it like Missy. 


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