Philly Disco Groove of the Day/The Jones Girls/”You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else”

Consisting of sisters Brenda, Valorie and Shirley Jones, The Jones Girls got their start singing in Detroit before signing to Philadelphia International Records in 1968. From there, they linked up with legendary Philly songwriters Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, where they would soon own their path singing back up for the likes of Lou Rawls, Aretha Franklin and Mr. Tendergrass. The ladies further went on to be highly regarded for serving as backup singers for Diana Ross from 1975–78, which would only further cement them as true Philadelphia music divas. 

Releasing a handful of albums and singles throughout the ’70s, The Jones Girls achieved moderate success with soulful offerings,”My Own Special Way,” “Taster of the Honey (Not the Keeper of the Bee)” and “Will You Be There.” But it was when they hit the sassy dance floor of life in 1979 with “You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else” that their groove things really began shakin.’ Becoming their most known hit, the track hit the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 and found its way inside the top 5 of the R&B charts, as well as on dance floors all across the music globe. One step to the beat, and you’ll know exactly why. 

Since it’s Throwback Thursday, how about this big ol’ slice of local music truth– “Who Can I Run To,” from The Jones Girls self-titled 1979 debut album was covered by the ladies of Xscape in 1995. If you’ll remember, Kandi and the gals version became a number #1 R&B and reached the Top Ten of the Billboard Hot 100. The Jones Girls’ original version was also the B-side of “You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else”.

Werk, ladies. 


Rewerk Wednesday/Kygo

Do you remember what you were trying to figure out at 24 years old? Most likely, you’re still trying to pay off those college loans and trying to find the perfect career for that degree you spent all that money on. However, that’s certainly not the case when it comes to tropical house DJ, Kygo. At his current age of 24, the red-hot house music guru has established himself on the music scene as one of the hottest DJs on the planet.  

Born as Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll in Norway, Kygo began playing the piano at the age of six through lessons. After becoming a pro on the ivories in his teenage years, he learned how to produce music through watching several tutorials on YouTube. By the time he decided to throw his hat in the music ring full-time, the aspiring DJ was more than halfway through earning a degree in business and finance at Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. But knowing that he really longed to be a full-time DJ and producer, Kygo decided to drop out and follow his tropical intuition.

His first big break came when he rewerked Seinabo Sey’s hit, “Younger.” His tantalizing remix would not only help put him on the scene, but it would lead Kygo to take on the late great Marvin Gaye’s classic bedroom romp, “Sexual Feeling,” and turn it into a tropical house dream come true. While there’s no need to argue that the slow burn of Gaye’s sensual baby makin’ hit doesn’t need a retouch of any kind, Kygo certainly took it to the newest levels of orgasmic music ecstasy. The same can also be said for Kygo’s take on a-ha’s massive ’80s hit, “Take on Me”–it’s pure hammock ready brilliance. 

Kygo’s Marvin Gaye retelling became a certified club firestorm, as well as his remix of Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire,” which would help the DJ land an exclusive deal with Sony records. His first label smash, “Firestone,” which features lead vocals from another red-hot overseas artist, “Who You Lovin” crooner, Conrad Sewell, not only went to number one in Norway, but reached the Top Ten in several other countries around the world. 

Keeping on his path, which just kept getting bigger and bigger, Kygo released his second consecutive solo number one hit, the James Parsons assisted, “Stole the Show,” which wasn’t just a hit overseas, but stateside as well. Later that year, the Will Heard assisted “Nothing Left” became Kygo’s third Norwegian chart-topper, as would also be the case for his fourth single, “Here for You,” which features vocals by former X Factor diva, Ella Henderson. You get the idea…Kygo is unstoppable by this point. 

If you’re wondering why you haven’t been able to get your headphones a full-length Kygo record, there’s no need to worry because in just a few weeks (Feb 12th, to be exact), the tropical house DJ is finally releasing his first full length set, Cloud Nine. The much, much-anticipated record is set to feature all of the hits listed above, as well as a handful of future worldwide smashes that we can only hope mainstream radio will pick up with open headphones. Because for those that are familiar with Kygo’s whirling werk, know that he’s truly got what it takes to produce music that has the uncanny ability to take us away into another dimension.

And it’s also very clear that at just 24 years old, Mr. Kygo is just getting started. 




Philly Disco Groove of the Day/Jean Carn/”Was That All It Was”

If you’re looking for a Philly disco groove that will truly help you escape the winter doldrums, lace up those local music skates to Jean Carn’s “Was That All It Was.” Loaded with heart, emotion and that one-of-a-kind Philly soul disco sound, Ms. Carn’s whirling groove took over dance floors and charts in 1980, only helping further establish her as a true Philly music artist.

One of Philadelphia International Records most prominent disco divas, Ms. Jean racked up a buffet of hit records and singles during her decade with the label, including the classics, “If You Wanna Go Back,” “Closer Than Close,” and the aptly titled, “There’s a Shortage of Good Men.” Isn’t that the truth.

Also, if you’re wondering where you might have heard “Was That It All Was” before, it’s because it was featured in Lee Daniels’ Oscar winning film, Precious.

You know, because Mo’Nique and disco absolutely go hand-in-hand.