Track-by-Track Truth/LION BABE/’Begin’

A funky New York City-based duo with a knack for mixing neo-soul with a slightly retro R&B feel, LION BABE is made up of vocalist Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman. After linking up at a party, Hervey–the daughter of Ms.,Vanessa Williams, by the way–overheard tracks Goodman, aka Astro Raw, was laying out and soon struck up a conversation with him.

The newfound music besties first collaborated song on the explosive, “Treat Me Like Fire,” which took over SoundCloud when it was released in late 2012. After word spread like music jungle wildfire about the dazzling duo, they were pretty much immediately picked up by Polydor  Records in the U.K. and Interscope in the U.S..

After finding their record label groove, LION BABE  struck back on the scene in 2014 with a self-titled four-track EP that featured “Treat Me Like Fire,” as well as the trunk ready,  “Jump Hi,” a strutting collaboration with Childish Gambino. Throw in a standout collaboration called “Hour Glass” on Disclosure’s sophomore set, Caracal, and LION BABE certainly knew what they were doing when it came to laying down the shimmering tracks on their vividly creative debut album, Begin, which has been laid out in track-by-track style for everyone to dive into.

Because when it comes to brilliant records like this one, you certainly don’t want to miss a beat. 

“Whole” Welcome to the electric world of Begin…you’ll be glad you stepped in. 

“Jump Hi”(ft. Childish Gambino) If you’re not bobbin’ your head from that first drop, you need your music card revoked. 

“Wonder Woman” Four words–produced by Pharrell Williams. Enough said. 

“Impossible” A bouncy, empowering number that’s mixed up with a clap happy backbone. Get ready to hit the floor with this one. 

“Stressed OUT!” For those days when we all go a little bat sh#t crazy. Lion Babe has now given us a funky anthem to ease during the Britney-in-’07 madness. 

“Satisfy My Love” A sexy, slinky standout. 

“Where Do We Go” Another standout, only this time this whirling number is just all wrapped in that neo soul music life. Groove on. 

“On The Rocks” A true after hours groove never sounded so good. 

“Hold On” That bassline though….

“Jungle Lady” They even have their own theme song. 


“Got Body” Do you? 


“Everyday Life” What that neo-soul music life is all about. 


“Treat Me Like Fire” You’ll never want to put out the funky music flames of this “Fire.” 


“Little Dreamer” A perfectly plugged in album closer. 

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