Academy Awards Performance of the Day/Madonna/”Sooner or Later”

So, what do you think Chris Rock will be spilling tea about in his opening monologue while he’s playing host of this Sunday’s Academy Awards? Without addressing the oh, so hot topic (this is a music site), we all know the answer to that question, but until we hear just what Mr. Rock says about it all, there’s just one more performance left to revel in, and this one is quite a Dick Tracy doozy. 

Let’s spill about Madonna in 1991 for a music moment, shall we? Her music career was red-hot–she had just taught us to how”Vogue,” introduced us to the cone bra, as well as teaching us the meaning of the phrase “Banned from T.V.” after her 1990 video for “Justify My Love” was banned from that network that used to play in the music videos.

Throw in her explosive Blonde Ambition Tour (which became the foundation for her about-to-take-over-the-f$%king-world Truth or Dare documentary) and the fact that her Dick Tracy tune “Sooner or Later” was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song, and there was no reason why Madonna didn’t aim to own the Academy Awards because that’s exactly what she did. 

While host Billy Crystal introduced the Material Girl’s performance as the “NC-17 portion of our show,” Madonna completely stunned and owned the crowd, slinking around the stage in an white gown and knocking this performance into a league of its very own. The Stephen Sondheim (!) penned tune would also go on to win the award for Best Original Song that night, further proving that Madonna was certainly an unstoppable force of entertainment nature, no matter what you thought about her. (Because we all know there were lots of opinions about the diva back then). 

Oh, and we just can’t leave out this little piece of pop culture history–this was also the year that Madonna rolled up the show with Mr. Michael Jackson draped on her arm.

Now, that pretty much sums Madonna’s shining Oscars moment all up. 


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