Music Tea w/DJ Chris Urban

Anyone in Philly whose been lucky enough to get served by the thunderous grooves of DJ Chris Urban can most likely describe their toe tapping experience with these words and phrases–“Destructive,” “Strobe-lit chaos,” “Ooh, he made my check my life on the floor all night, gurl!” However, those who’ve gotten to know Mr. Urban on a personal level will mostly describe him as being “busy as f#$k.” 

Since beginning his now very well established L’Etage Saturday night residency (go here) four years ago, the local beat master has certainly made for himself on the Philly scene, whether it’s been destroying city blocks while spinning it out at the gayborhood’s annual OutFest festival, taking your brunch to the deepest levels of the house music sea while doin’ his thing at Positano Coast, or helping his friend, esteemed local dancer Samuel Reyes, by lending his talents to help take learning dance to the highest of all heights at Koresh Dance Academy. (By the way, Mr. Urban is also an incredible dancer who graduated from the University of the Arts) Keeping up? 

If that’s not enough local heat for you, Philly’s busiest DJ also has his headphones attached to incredible local drag diva Pissi Myles’ ravenous L’Etage residency, What Makes Me Pissi, as well as Franky Bradley‘s Franky Foxes,’ a tantalizing troupe of six incredible Philly drag queens, who along with the beats provided by Urban at their red-hot monthly show, have established themselves as the hottest drag troupe in Philadelphia. 

But, wait there’s more. 

Tomorrow night, Mr. Urban will be presenting his brand spankin’ new party at Franky Bradley’s called Floor Werq, in which the red-hot local DJ will be–plain and simple–making you sweat for your life in February. But before he gets ready to own your shimmering Saturday night lives, Chris broke some music tea mugs with Philly Mixtape, spilling about his bright new dance music venture, what he thinks about Ms. Lil’ Kim these days, and of course, just how he all

Show your local music love to Mr. Urban below, and for all of the Floor Werq you can handle, check your dance life right here for more info. 

First up, I just have to know, how do you keep up with all of your projects that you have going on at once? The key is… maintaining a schedule. I honestly rely on my Google calendar–it’s like my bible you could say. I have everything synched up so I can literally stay sane! 

Now, let’s get down to Floor Werq business. How did the whole concept of your glow stick ready new party come about? Well, coming up with a name for a new dance party is always an interesting process, mostly because I’m not a marketing guy! So, I brought it back to something that represents me and went with the whole dance aspect of it. Since I went to school for dance at the University of the Arts, I have a dancer’s heart! That’s also where the “floor” part came in, keeping it all dance related–plus you’re always workin’ it out on the floor. 

What kinds of grooves can everyone expect tomorrow night? An array of everything, to be honest. It’s going to be pop music, hip hop, dance music from the ’90s all the way up until now. It’s all of your favorite hits that you’re going to want to hear while you’re out. Over the four-hour period you’re going to get it all! 

Now, not that you can really compare the two, but how is Floor Werq different from your L’Etage residency? It’s at a larger venue, so it will have a different kind of feel. Also, this party is my own to play with as far as the whole concept and idea. At L’Etage, I’m a resident there, so Floor Werq is more of being in the position of being a creative director. We’re also going to have glow sticks, dancers and a fine display of LED lights. which will add up to make this a really fun party. 

So, more or less, you’re L’Etage residency is their baby, and Floor Werq is your baby… Yeah! I’m L’Etage’s baby! I’ve been there for 4-and-a-half years, and it’s awesome because [the residency] has grown so much and I’ve gotten to see the growth. L’Etage is my first residency and I will always have my roots there. 

Let’s switch it up a bit and talk about how Lil’ Kim slayed back this week in the new video for “Auction” alongside Puff Daddy. What do you think about the new track? I’m actually excited that Puff Daddy’s back because they’ve all been on hiatus for too long and I think it’s time to come back and lay it all down for us. I think the new track is great and I hope that more music comes out of it. Their music is art–they take the putty and they mold it to comes back as a 2016 revamped version. It’s exciting!  

In your very own esteemed words, why should everyone and their mother come to get served by your glowing ‘Floor Werq’ party tomorrow night? It’s all about the energy, so they should stop by and catch the positive vibes, no judgments–just dancing all night with your friends along with some great beverages. And most of all, people need to dance! 


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