Track-by-Track Truth/Mýa/’Smoove Jones’

All music truth be told, I’ve always a soft music spot for R&B songstress,Mýa .Mostly because out of all her “Lady Marmalade” co-divas–Xtina, Missy, P!nk and even Lil’ Kim-Mýa is the only one whose struggle has been a little real to stay relevant in the music game. Anyone remember her tribute to Janet’s “Pleasure Principle” on MTV’s Icon from 2001? Exactly.

But that’s not to say that the former Rugrats diva hasn’t been doing her thing–Mya’s actually released a handful of records over the years, which have all been surprisingly quite good–especially 2011’s K.I.S.S., which became a major hit in Japan thanks to the roller skate ready single, “Beautiful Life.” (Those who’ve been following Mýa’s career know exactly how much fun the track is). 

Now, the “Ghetto Superstar” chanteuse has returned and is serving up her eighth studio album, Smoove Jones, a sultry, seductive collection of bedroom ready grooves that are full of life and mixed with those breathy vocals that only she knows how to serve up like no other. Now, is this the album that will return the singer to her “Case of the Ex” glory days? Most likely not. But is it a solid set that you should absolutely spin and make it all about Ms. Mýa once again? Absolutely.

Even better is the fact that the singer released the set on her own Planet 9 record label and had her own hand in every song on the set with just a tiny handful of producers on each track, the latter of which is something quite unheard of when it comes to making most records these days. 

It’s all broken down here and so much more in the track-by-track truth of Mya’s latest studio set, Smoove Jones. So, let loose and take a listen below. You just might enjoy it. 

“Smoove Jones Radio” (Intro) 

“Welcome To My World”  The title pretty much sums this bass drenched number all up. 

“Hold On” Let the baby makin’ games begin. 

“Elevator” The smoovest haters anthem that you’ll hear all year. Keep on elevation.’ 

“Phya” Is that a little throwback to the singer’s ’03 hit, ‘It’s All About Me” that we hear in the intro? It most certainly is. You’ll never spell “fire” the same way ever again. 

“Spoil Me” Trunk ready. 

“Team You” Not as fiery as the album’s preceding tracks, but still just as feisty. 

“Coolin” There’s that coo-ing falsetto in full action that only Mýa knows how to deliver. 

“One Man Woman” (Old School Joint)” It’s like it’s 1998 all over again. Sigh…

“Circle Of Life” Light disco delight equals strobe-lit bliss. 

“Smoove Jones Afta Glow Radio Show” Groove on, Ms.Mýa Until next time. 





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