10 Essential Mother’s Day Grooves

Oh, Mom….

Really, what can we truly say about the woman who gave us the precious gift of life and puts up with our sh#t on a regular basis? (right, Mom? Love you!!) But what we can do is show her how much we mean it, which is what we’ll be doing this Sunday (although it should be everyday…because she’s Mom) when we come together to celebrate Mother’s Day. 

A day that will be filled with brunch, beautiful cards, tasteful bouquets and lots of love, which is all the more reason to have the perfect soundtrack to go along with all of your, um, mother lovin’ activities. Lucky for us, there have been many tracks over the years that always have us clutching our Mother’s Day pearls, thanks to the likes of Philly’s very own Boyz 11 Men, as well as Carrie Underwood, Backstreet Boys, L.L. Cool J, Xtina (sigh), and the dearly departed 2pac, whose “Dear Mama” still hits Mom’s heart as the ultimate Mother’s Day jam. 

Since there’s no greater gift than the gift of music, why not show your Mom how much she’s appreciated by playing her any one of these essential Mother’s Day grooves…she’ll forever be grateful just as much we’re forever grateful that she keeps us in check on the road of this thing we call… 


2pac/”Dear Mama” Earlier this week, the world lost the inspiration behind the dearly departed Shakur’s rap ballad, when his mother, Afeni passed away at the age of 69, which is all the more reason to get lost in this ultimate Mother’s Day jam and let yours know that she is very much appreciated. 

Spice Girls/”Mama” Dear Mom, I’m sorry for everything I’ve ever done…this soul destroying Spice Girls number is the reason why. 

Boyz 11 Men/”A Song for Mama” For all of you out there who may have lost their mothers along the road, this one’s for you. 

The Shirelles/”Mama Said” Because Mom always said there will be days like this, that and the other thing. 

L.L. Cool J/”Mama Said Knock You Out” While Mom’s should never condone violence, she will whoop that ass if you don’t remember to get her a card for Mother’s Day. 

Backstreet Boys/”The Perfect Fan” Because when all else fails, you know she’s got your back and is not only your biggest fan, but the perfect one. 

Christina Aguilera/”Oh Mother” Sigh….damn you, Xtina…..

Carrie Underwood/”Mama’s Song” Dear Mom, if I wasn’t sorry for it all during the Spice Girls, I’m truly sorry for it all now. 

Lonely Island/”Motherlover” Because no Mother’s Day is complete without this groove. 

Crystal Waters/”Momma Told Me:’ Since she’s the one who gave you life, why not take Mom onto the dance floor of life courtesy of Ms. Crystal Waters. 

For more grooves to show Mom how much you care, get down below to your official Mother’s Day playlist. Love you, Mom! 



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